Submissions open from 2019-11-29 17:00:00 to 2019-12-01 22:59:00
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Welcome to the second edition of the 42Jam! We are students of the renowned coding school in Paris, encouraged by the success of the original 42Jam we are aiming to instigate what will hopefully be a long series.

Check out our previous Jam!

As with most game jams, the goal will be to create a single game in the span of 48 hours while adhering to a particular theme. Restriction breeds creativity after all.  Just like the former jam, the atmosphere for this second edition will be relatively laid-back; there will be no ranking nor strict guidelines so just have fun. You can use generic resources from your previous work or online libraries, the objective being to use the limited time to build your game's personality.

Theme will be announced on Friday 08 at 18PM CET

Can I participate if I'm not a student at 42? Of course, please do so, while you won't be able to participate physically we would be glad to check-out submissions from around the world. Hopefully in future editions we will be able to welcome you on-site!

I don't have a team No worries, just check the discord or community tab and make a post detailing your skills; there might just be a team lacking your specialty. In fact 42 being primarily for developers most profiles should be highly welcomed!

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