Submissions open from 2022-05-14 03:00:00 to 2022-05-31 03:00:00
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The 32bit Spring Cleaning jam is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to continue working on a game that's been stuck in limbo and give it an extra push while keeping our 32bit theme in mind:

Created in order to get more people excited about making games inspired by mid-to-late 90s aesthetics, the 32bit jam is for any project that looks like it belongs in the PS1 generation. It's a great opportunity for developers and artists interested in 3D to have their first stab at it, as simple 3D visuals are part of the look. Full 3D, 3D mixed with 2D, Full 2D submissions are all allowed, as long as they feel like they belong in the same graphical era.

Logo credit: Arch-D-Triumph & Enoh32

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AniStal Bastion AKA RookRules has a #LetsCheckitOutSeries where he make videos on indie games. During the rating period, entries for this jam will be streamed by him on his Youtube and Twitch channels.


1. You can resume work on a previous 32bit jam submission or another project entirely, as long as it fits the mid-to-late 90's graphical era. Starting a new project from scratch for this jam is also allowed, but if you have an unfinished project you'd like to keep working on, we strongly encourage you to do that instead!

2. Submitters will  be asked to post versions of their games pre-jam and post-jam (if available). If your pre-jam game was not at a playable state, we encourage forking your project and posting a link to its pre-jam fork on Github or equivalent, posting screenshots, or whatever else you've got. We just want to be able to see where you started from and what was actually accomplished during the jam!

3. You can use assets from pre-made asset libraries or create your own, just make sure to give due credit.

4. 3D mixed with 2D, Fully 2D, Fully 3D games are all allowed. For fully 2D games we encourage submissions that feature sprite transformations, transparency, full color sprites and other features that were not yet possible with (most) 16 bit consoles!

5. You can use whatever game engine you like (Even homebrew!), as long as the final result looks like it could run on a Playstation 1, Sega Saturn, or the Panasonic 3DO if you're feeling fancy. Think 240p, 4:3 aspect ratio, extremely lowpoly, low rez unfiltered textures!

6. Working in teams is allowed. Working on multiple projects is also allowed.

7. This jam is ranked, and voting is open to the public.

8. There are no prizes in this jam.

Good luck!

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