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About: Hey everyone! Welcome to Game Jam #1 based on the 30seconds theme.  This is our first community event of the year and will be pretty relaxed! This game jam will  have a Prize of 20USD the top three games will be featured on the channel. I'll also be posting a show reel of the games from the jam on Instagram.  To get in the show reel make sure to check out the information below. 

Rating System Gameplay - How did the game feel, did it have tight controls, "juice", or provide a certain experience/feeling 

Theme - How well does the entry suit/use the theme Innovation  - Did the game do something to set itself apart, do something unexpected or do something new

 Aesthetics  - How well does the game utilise it's visual style and how appealing is it

Overall - Your over all impression of the game as a whole


Can I use Game Engines And Tools? Yes! Game engines and tools such as Shader Forge for Unity are perfectly fine and encouraged. 

Do I have to create the art? The art must be created by the individual or team entering into the game jam. Downloading assets and using them for your game will not be accepted for the game jam. 

Do I have to create the music? Since this game jam is more relaxed music will not be rated. Feel free to make your own or download some!

What platform can I develop for? Windows/Mac/Linux are supported, I personally will be judging games using a windows 10 machine. Web games are also supported. 

How big can a team be? You can make a team of any size, an individual can enter or a team can enter. I suggest only working with a maximum of three people as it can be hard to manage bigger teams in game jam events.  

When does the rating end? The rating ends on the 24th, the winners will be announced on  31 May 2019.

Getting in the show reel: To get in the show reel upload a 10 - 20 second video showing off your game on the thread at the end of the jam. I'll download this video and add it into the video. If you do not post a video your game will not be in the show reel. Make sure to use something like obs as videos with watermarks will not be added in.  Can't find an answer? Create a topic on the community page.


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A fast paced 2 player game in which each game only last 30 seconds.
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