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Create a local multiplayer game. Upload a playable multiplayer game to pass. You must bring an alpha version to class next week.

Better marks:
- Your game must have at least 3 different game states.
- Including at least 2 different styles to the main game mode. (eg, a panic mode ending, or the game changes up mid way)
- A good sense of pacing and dynamic interesting kinaesthetics
- Unique art/sound
- Your game must have a dramatic, interesting finish.

If you do not follow the itch upload instructions exactly I will not mark it. Read them and follow. They are specific. Eg, you must tag your zipped (not rar'd) build as windows!

If multiple people work on the same project, specify in a readme.txt who did what.

This project is designed to overlap with your local multiplayer game for your design module, but it is not strictly that game.
- It must be playable with standard keyboard/mouse controls on a single pc.
- eg; if your game has networking you won't get any marks for that in my class, so strongly consider whether it makes sense to spend time on that. Instead create a non-networked single screen version of your game, which could have a different goal but very similar mechanics and objects.

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Spacecrafts made for battle!
Local multiplayer project. Inspired by the original pong.
Two-player competitive game based around reflexes and colour recognition
A local multiplayer custom controlled 'last man standing' arena game by Vikki Ruttle and Nick McGinnes
Local multi puzzle game
Local multiplayer
Play in browser
TileBased Mining Game
1v1 game about building a tower of blocks
Soccer has never been so fair
A button mashing game using a custom controller akiun to Twister.