Submissions open from 2020-02-01 06:00:00 to 2020-03-01 06:00:00
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2kPlus Jam is a month long game jam for making 2 kilobyte games!

Plus means you can include music beyond the 2k limit.

Use the hashtag #2kPlusJam to share updates about your games!


You Must Submit 2 Versions of Your Game!

One is a playable build that is 2k or less without music. The other is a "plus" version of the same game but with as much music as you want! The plus version is the main build that people will play and judge.

To be clear, your main submission can contain music and code to play it that will not count towards the 2k limit. Everything about your game should work the same as the 2k zip version with the addition of music.

Your game must be hosted on and you can run it embedded in the page so it easy for people to play.

You Must Provide A Zipped Version That Is 2 kilobytes or Less!

Your game must be playable without music and fit in a 2k (2048 bytes) zip file. Please include this with your submission as a separate download with the suffix"_2k".

No external libraries or services

This should be obvious but your game isn't allowed to access anything not included in it's 2k zip file.

Engines & SDKS

To make things as inclusive as possible there are no specific limits for allowable engines. Whether your game uses html, a cart or a package that's fine. Just make sure all of your stuff fits in the 2k zip file.


The theme will be announced when the competition starts.


Everyone who submits a game gets to vote during the 2 week voting period using the game jam system. Categories will be Overall, Fun, Design, Graphics, Audio, and Theme.


There are no prizes, but lets try to get everyone as much exposure as possible.


Why 2 kilobytes?

I made a few games for JS1k and I feel like it's not quite enough to make a polished game. Bumping it up to 2k zipped I think is enough to do some cool stuff.

Why Plus?

Because the size is so small, there isn't much space for music. But music is so important to creating atmosphere. This way devs can focus on making a good 2k game and add good music separately so players can enjoy the game more. Also to be inclusive as possible, there is no engine or language limitation so any game can be entered that fits in the 2k zip.

Why A Zip File?

There are many ways to write code that can self uncompress, but it's a bit of a hassle so let's just take that out of the equation. Also, bundling it up in a zip gives us a clear simple way to check the size of each entry.

Are teams allowed?

Yes, please just list everyone that worked on the game and what they did.

What are some resources?