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We are hosting a game jam with cash prize hoping to get more people interested in multiplayer game development using

What is is a fun 2D multiplayer game engine where people at all skill levels can make games using our browser-based drag & drop game editor. It's 100% free and we cover the game server hosting costs.

Games created with

I don't have any experience with

No problem! After all, is pretty new (~2 years) and most people haven't heard about it

If you have basic knowledge about game development, it should take less than an hour for you to start producing playable prototypes with For example, was made in 2 days by a hobbyist who had no prior experience with

To get started, please watch our tutorial videos here:  Then, try creating new games and inspect how they're made. If you have any questions, please ask me directly, or any of our mods in our discord server:


Making a game on will give you an instant exposure to 500,000 monthly visitors. You can have players testing your game within seconds of publishing it. We also have a revenue-sharing program, given that you're game's accepted to this program, you'll start generating money immediately.


Your game must contain the theme: spooky halloween

The games must be made using our engine: 

All assets must not infringe any copyright/trademarks 


m0dE (me) will pick the winner based on originality, execution, and popularity

Prizes:  First place: $50 USD. Paid via PayPal

More info:

join our discord at to ask any questions about this jam, or

We encourage you to check out our tutorial videos here:

and our Forum:

Team up with others at:

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Can you survive the most number of waves surviving against the spooky ghosts?
Interactive Fiction