Submissions open from 2026-01-23 17:00:00 to 2026-01-24 17:00:00
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Game Jam selama 24 Jam! Haha, get it?

Why is it named 24 Jam?
Ever heard a whole day game jam? This is it while also pun. "Jam" means "Hour/Clock" in Bahasa Indonesia, and this game jam's title is pun of its duration, 24 Hour. 

Why is it will be hold at Jan 24th (GMT+7)?
Pun of Jan 24th of course. It works even better at dd mm yyyy format, 24 Jan.

Why is it will be hold at 2026?
To ensure the whole day game jam can be done efficiently, the game jam will be hold at Saturday. Unfortunately, the nearest Jan 24th that also Saturday is at year 2026. If you're reading this before 2026, have fun waiting!

Optional Theme:

24 Clocks
The optional theme is to feature exactly 24 instances of clocks across the game.