This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-04-03 16:00:00 to 2021-04-04 16:00:00. View results

4:3 Look to the West. Forth comes fire, and a horde, and the Kingdoms burn.

This will be the theme of the jam. 

In the spirit of the misery jam, you should not begin working on your entry until the misery has been rolled and announced.

Begin, finish, and submit your entry within the 24 hour submission period. Another twenty-four (24) hours later, voting closes and the most miserable entry is declared champion! There's no prize, but if the misery ends up happening in our dimension, we'll know who to blame.

Your entry could be anything: 

  • An adventure
  • A dungeon
  • A monster
  • An NPC
  • A boat
  • One of those business card things

Entries will be voted on based on the following criteria:

  • Miserability Rating - how much does the entry feel like it do be "24 HOUR MISERY JAM"?
  • Mörkiness - is it mörk or not mörk borg?
  • Art - does it have art??
  • Writing - are the words there?
  • Layout - is this loss?
  • Fonts - 1 (1) point for each font

Anyone can vote but according to counterintuitive law only those who submit may win.

Submissions not adhering to the MÖRK BORG 3rd party license will bring dishonor upon the houses of their makers (and are likely to be disqualified).

Remember: Make it dark, depressing, weird and cruel. But let everyone partake in the suffering.
Be sure to avoid sexist, racist, homophobic and transphobic tropes and themes in your content. There's plenty of that crap in the real world already. The world of MÖRK BORG doesn't need it.


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A MÖRK BORG compatible set of Classes and items to expand the lore of Misery 4:3
Two new monsters for MÖRK BORG
The Endless Sea burns. Within it, a flaming fortress of stench and grotesque hordes.
Bring ash and receive libations.
The Undruids of Ykth have beckoned an ancient evil. Part of the 24 Hour Misery Jam by MÖRK BORG
An adventure compatible with MÖRK BORG
Monsters and items for Mörk Borg
A Mörk Borg Class for Spreading Flame and Misery
An adventure for Mörk Borg
A campaign seed for the Mörk Borg RPG
A horde of disgruntled soldiers help an immortal piece of armor end the world.
A prophet wreathed in flames foretells a coming doom
A lateral interpretation of "misery" for the MÖRK BORG 24 Hour Misery Jam.
A short supplement about fire for Mörk Borg
The Calendar of Nechrubel reachs 4:3. Misery Jam Submission
A 4:3 misery based adventure setting for Mörk Borg, including a Putridity Trail Beast and Hallucinogen Fecal Fume.
A Mork Borg Misery Jam with a dark bargain
A (4:3) Misery for Mörk Borg
Rules to grill a character and transform a monster into the horde.
Misery turned into a marching army
Upon Psalm 4:3, gigantic beasts rain down on the world in a storm of hellfire..
A horde monster for MÖRK BORG, inspired by Judges 15:3-5.
False Dusk is a swine of a spell.
Role Playing
An outcast party follower that may almost be worth the trouble.
A cataclysmic event for MÖRK BORG.
A volcanic Mork Borg god for the Misery Jam
Mork Borg 24 hour Misery Game Jam Entry
An ancient tale from Uncle Bogdan about two sons who experienced unpleasantness. Mörk Borg Compatible
An apocalyptic fire cult for Mörk Borg
They March. They Kill. And They Will Not Stop.
A list of things and people you hate.
A monster for the MÖRK BORG 24-Hour Misery Jam.
Submission for the MÖRK BORG 24 Hour Misery Jam
Mörk Borg Monster
Role Playing
A pocket-sized misery for MÖRK BORG
Consequences of rolling 4:3 on the Calendar of Nechrubel. A 24h Misery Jam submission.
Four Mörk Borg encounters for Misery 4:3
What if ectoplasm was flammable, and the ghosts were pissed?