Submissions open from 2019-01-01 08:00:00 to 2020-01-01 07:59:59
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Create a game, story, puzzle, simulator, generator, or anything else using the free, open-source tool Twine! If you're unfamiliar with Twine, check out their official site. This jam is open to beginners, teams, everyone!

Guidelines + Info

  • Twine must be used, but feel free to experiment and incorporate other tools. 
  • All submissions must be completed in 2019. Twines made earlier will be removed, but this doesn't mean all your concepts have to be new; revisiting old, unfinished Twines is great! Twines made for other 2019 jams can also be submitted.
  • This is an unranked jam with no prizes, just a fun incentive to create. Submit unfinished works and post WIPs!
  • Make one Twine that you work on for the whole year, or create a Twine a month, or compile a bunch of daily Twines. Multiple submissions are encouraged!
  • Have a fun and fulfilling 2019 :^D


There is no official theme, but if you want inspiration or harder guidelines,  see below for prompts.

Create a Twine that ...

  • uses 300 words or less (examples!)
  • relies on sound
  • is non-interactive
  • has an inventory system
  • only uses images


Thanks to Subtle Patterns for the page background!

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it helps to talk to yourself
Interactive Fiction
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An interactive fiction game made with Twine for a game jam.
Interactive Fiction
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Made for Global Game Jam 2019
Interactive Fiction
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A game about decluttering and fighting patriarchy
Visual Novel
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