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The third jam of the second season is upon us! It's held fron January 25 to 27, 2019. We're doing it at the same time as the Global Game Jam, meaning they'll be providing the theme and constraint themselves. 

This time, JamNATION won't be hosting a game jam at a specific location, so you'll need to register on the Global  Game Jam website, or join one of the other jam held somewhere in Montréal! You can browse them on their official website : . You can also create your own location, meaning that you'll receive the theme and constraint wherever you choose to be working from.

We are also taking the time to remind you that since the last jam a new category have been added for the evaluation of the game, the presentation.
Since the organisation of the Global Game Jam is different than the usual jams, you will need to submit a presentation video that must answer the following directives : 

  • a video of 3 minutes or less
  • you must explain the use of the theme and of the constraints
  • you must show gameplay
  • your team name and the participating members must be named 

You will need to submit a Youtube link along with your game on

One week after  your game is submitted here, we'll have a team of judges evaluate the games. Then, we'll publish the scores on our facebook page!

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