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V2S Games is excited to announce that The King's Poisoner has been selected to be showcased at the SXSW Sydney 2023 Games Festival on October 21st!

SXSW Sydney 2023

To celebrate this event, the Jam to 21 will be extended until October 21st AND a Tale of 21 Foundation Award will be given to our favorite Tale of 21 submitted by September 21st!

The Foundation Award will come with a cash prize similar to the 2023 Most Extraordinary Tale of 21 Award and be awarded 1 week after the deadline (see MOST EXTROADINARY below for details).

Make a new tabletop roleplaying game based on the rules of 21 aka Blackjack! Go wild!

🚩BONUS POINTS (see Prizes & Publishing) if you can make it fit on ONE A4 PAGE (BOTH SIDES)!

Hacks or adaptations of other systems or settings are fine, so long as you abide by their licensing and attribution terms and conditions and give credit where it’s due.


This jam was inspired by The King’s Poisoner and the enjoyment of everyone who’s played it! It was scheduled to follow on from the One-page Game Jam 2023 so you can submit your game there too if you're itching to get started—check it out!

🚩A Tale of 21 is available to help! It’s a handy guide and template to design, publish & play A Tale of 21, like The King’s Poisoner! It includes the licensing, limitations and logos to use along with it.

If you’d like some prompts, here are some ideas that would fit well with A Tale of 21:

  • One of you is a spy…
  • One of you is a fugitive…
  • One of you is synthetic…
  • One of you is a vampire…
  • One of you is a wizard…
  • One of you is a witchhunter…
  • One of you is building an advanced AI…
  • One of you is about to be murdered…
  • One of you is trying to start WW3…
  • You’re all clones, but one of you isn’t…
  • You’ve agreed to go on a blind date…

I’m currently working on The Queen’s Children (One of you is the alien queen…) and The Family Rat (One of you is the head of an organized crime family…)


Jam with us on our new discord

Discord server link

Use the #JamTo21 on socials and pls like, share and promote the jam, your submissions and others to spread the love. Pls be sure to tag us at @V2Sgames if you do as we'd love to see what you create. Thanks!


  1. Submissions must be a fully playable tabletop rolelaying game.
  2. Game play must be based on the rules of 21 aka Blackjack.
  3. Submissions must be completed specifically for the jams—the Tales of 21 Jam or both it and the One-page RPG Jam 2023—during the jam periods. You may not submit games made available for purchase or download prior.
  4. Maximum of 3 submissions per applicant.
  5. Release your game at any price you choose. Please consider keeping your submission free or PWYW for the duration of the jam, so that everyone participating can see it. If you do charge, please send me a copy so that I can review it for content which breaks the rules and consider adding community copies for those in need.
  6. Be kind & inclusive. No harassment, bigoted, racist, fascist, hateful or dehumanizing content. Label explicit or graphic content. Please consider using or referencing safety tools, such as the X card & Script Change. Share your passion, ideas & efforts with consideration and without fear.
  7. Value the work of others. No AI-generated content. Please abide by any copyright licensing terms and conditions and attribute appropriately (including The King’s Poisoner  and A Tale of 21 licensing, limitations and logos). Please consider leaving ratings and reviews.

The 2023 TTRPG Jam to 21 is a game jam for fun and creative expression. However, if you’re interested in having your game published, please let us know!


V2S Games is looking to publish an anthology of (at least 12) Tales of 21, which will include The King’s Poisoner and possibly The Queen’s Children and The Family Rat

🚩If you would like your submission to be considered for inclusion in this anthology, it must fit on one A4 page (one or both sides) and follow the design guidelines and layout in A Tale of 21. 

If your game(s) meets these criteria and fits the vision for the anthology, we will send you a formal licensing agreement for you to sign, which will include, among other things, the profit-sharing model and restate your ownership of your creative work. 


🏅In addition, our favorite Tale of 21 will receive the 2023 Most Extraordinary Tale of 21 Award, which includes a US$21 💵 prize for its creator and will be announced at most one week after the end of the jam. 

💫For each additional 21 Tales of 21 submitted, we'll add another US$21 💵 prize (max +2).

These will be judged based on adherence to the rules, criteria and the judges' aesthetic tastes. We will ask the winner to create a special reward for their game, which we will purchase from their project page for posterity.

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Risk your very essence in dangerous gambling against demons and other damned souls.
A Blackjack-based Wild West RPG
Among the stars, one ancient artifact has persisted through time: the Tarot.
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A short TTRPG where you play a dinosaur who must build a flying machine!