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CSGC Computer Animation


The computer animation competition is designed to recognize and reward individuals/teams that have worked hard to produce a computer animation , that tells a narrative story and visually compels us. Individuals or teams can enter a computer animation, using the modeling and editing software of their choice. Animations will be judged based on all aspects of storytelling and aesthetics, but most importantly how these animation come together into a final product.

Animations entered into this category can also be submitted into an optional, additional category:

  • Theme Specific -   Projects under the 2023 Sustainability theme

Animations submitted in this competition do not need to reflect the theme, they will just be added into an additional category if they do. If the project does not reflect the theme, it will not affect their ranking in the main competition

Submission Details

  • All individuals or teams must pre-register for this event. Registration opens in October.
  • All submissions must be a computer animation (2D or 3D) and must have a narrative.
    • No art for the sake of art
    • Your animation must tell a story
  • All submissions must consist of 2 full minutes of animation (maximum of 10 minutes).
    • The total time for end titles and credits together should be no longer than 7 seconds.
  • All components of the animation must be created by the animation team.
    • Copyrighted images, audio, footage and characters can not be used. (ie. Celebrity photos, movie screen grabs, drawings of copyrighted logos, characters, etc. and so forth).
    • DO NOT USE AI Generated content, such as artwork, music, code, etc. All work must be created by the creator(s) or is properly licensed by them.
    • Creative Commons / Licensed external , publicly available , resources, such as free textures or audio can be use in their short.
  • Animations may be built in any animation/modeling software 
    • Animations may also be edited with any video editing software.
  • All submissions must be appropriate for all viewing ages
    • MUST NOT contain any offensive language, graphic content, and suggestive themes (ex. sex, drugs and alcohol).
  • All submissions shall submit their short with a Youtube video link
    • Videos visibility settings must be set to public for viewing
    • When uploading the Youtube video (under details , tags) you must include the tag #CSGC2023
  • All animation submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2023


The contest is open internationally to the following peer groups:

  • Elementary ** (grades 2nd to 5th)
  • Middle School ** (grades 6th to 8th)
  • High School (grades 9th to 12th)
  • Post Secondary (College or Tech School)
  • Indie Professional / Hobbyist (Adults not participating as a student)

** Participants under the age of 13 require a legal guardian or instructor to register with and submit on their behalf. When submitting any CSGC competition (jam) entrants are asked to provide the name of submission creator.

Team Requirements

  • Contest is open to individual or team submission.
  • Teams can consist of two or more individuals. While team sizes can vary we recommend a group of 4 and no teams larger than 8 individuals.
  • A single registration is required per-team (DO NOT send in individual registration for each team member)
  • You must register for each competition separately (eg. one registration for the digital games, a second registration for the digital art)
  • The deadline to register and submit for all competitions is April 1, 2023


Competitors may choose to exhibit their submission in person at CSGC exhibition day on April 15, 2023 at the University of Tulsa.

Those who plan to exhibit at the event, must abide by the following rules:

  • Exhibitor space is granted only to those that properly request it on the submission form.
  • Competitors may set up their displays the morning of exhibition day (April 15) between 8:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Competitors must have their booth ready by 10:00 a.m. for the start of the event
  • Competitors must bring their own equipment for one functional set-up of the game, art or other. This includes any hardware, output devices, cables, mounts, boards, etc.
  • Competitors must have someone at their display at all times
  • Competitors are asked to dismantle starting after 4:00 p.m. and must clear the room of their equipment by 5:00 pm.

Awards and Judging

  1. Judges will review all submissions prior to the day of competition. All submissions must be submitted by April 1, 2023
  2. All awards are at the discretion of our judges, including a decision to not award a prize to any competition/category/ or peer group. The judges’ decisions are final
    • Just because you are the only entry in a competition does not guarantee a win. The quality of work must meet a certain ranking determined by our CSGC Judges.
    • Judges also have the discretion to move an entry to a different competition if they feel it is better suited for that competition. Note that is not done arbitrarily, it usually is to give the competitor a better chance at winning an award. (e.g. You entered the concept art for game assets, but they felt it was more appropriate for the digital art show.
  3. Entries may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges for use of any inappropriate content, themes or failure to meet submission requirements.
  4. Winners will be announced during our awards ceremony held on the at 5:00 pm Saturday April 15, 2023.
    • Awards ceremony will take place virtually and in-person.
    • All winners will be notified via email as to their placement and how to receive their award.


CSGC representatives reserves the rights to change, modify, and or update the rules, regulations, and guidelines at anytime. These will be subject to change at anytime without notification.

How to Join

To submit to this competition click on the Join Jam button to verify your participation

When ready to submit your project press the Submit your project button to select the itch project you are submitting for the competition.

  • Animations cannot already have been Fully Published or created before the year 2022.
  • Animations partially published before 2022 are eligible to participate.

All participants must submit by the deadline of April 1, 2023


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An animated motion graphic study with music from Explosions in the Sky
Created by Brian Bortz, Noah Cha, Emily Garrison, and Gabby Spillers