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Game Jam submissions for 2018 Summer ICT Game Jam - learn more at or

This is a local game jam hosted in Wichita, Kansas.  We have a judges panel, and we open our doors to the public on the final day to play and vote on their favorite games.

Prizes are awarded for the Judges' Choice, as well as Community Choice.  But most importantly, it's a great way to hang out, make games, and meet others in the area that are pumped about doing the same!

The themes were: "Don't get touched" and/or "Day and night"

Judges' Choice

1st Place: "Eat The Spaghetti To Forgetti Your Regretti" by Battle Santa!

2nd Place: "Coffin Crashers" by BWB Interactive

3rd Place: "Ara? Koinu to koi ni ochichatta: Puppy Love!" by Little Teamy Drop Tables

Community Vote

"Ara? Koinu to koi ni ochichatta: Puppy Love!" by Little Teamy Drop Tables

Honorable Mention

"Solar Scramble" by DJ Mahannah


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Game for ICT Game Jam Summer 2018
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#ICTGameJam Work through the puzzling level design while avoiding your previous actions!
ICT GameJam 2018
A game created in a weekend for the 2018 ICT Game Jam.
Collect stars and conquer the sky!
A bullet hell game. You play the earth. Survive the epic battle between the moon and the sun!
Don't let the tentacles touch you!