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It's a Party!

Ok, technically it’s a competition with prizes. It’s not a workshop or a class about making games. But if you want to spend a weekend learning gamedev and getting fed, you’ll be in good company. You should RSVP! Learn more at

The theme is: One Button

Judges' Choice

1st Place: UPFROG DOWNCAT by Quickdraw Studios

2nd Place: La Luz by Shocker Static

3rd Place: n-BUTTONS by The People's Republic of Superfriends

Community Vote

1st Place: La Luz by Shocker Static

2nd Place: One Button to School Them All by TEAMTEAMTEAM

3rd Place: UPFROG DOWNCAT by Quickdraw Studios

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Jump in search of One Button that seals victory. 1-4 players, controller support (or keyboard... it's cozy).
Play in browser
Flip, rotate and capture the light.
No more than one button!
One Button Geometric Ricochet Pinball Golf
A side-scroller action and visual novel mashup.
A short game made during the 2018 Winter ICT Game Jam.
A 2-4 player button-based brawler.
Fast paced bullet hell autorunner game.
Frogs go up, cats come down. Plus rockets and swords and stuff. One button controls your destiny.