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It's a Party!

Ok, technically it’s a competition with prizes. It’s not a workshop or a class about making games. But if you want to spend a weekend learning gamedev and getting fed, you’ll be in good company. You should RSVP! Learn more at

The theme is: One Button

Judges' Choice

1st Place: UPFROG DOWNCAT by Quickdraw Studios

2nd Place: La Luz by Shocker Static

3rd Place: n-BUTTONS by The People's Republic of Superfriends

Community Vote

1st Place: La Luz by Shocker Static

2nd Place: One Button to School Them All by TEAMTEAMTEAM

3rd Place: UPFROG DOWNCAT by Quickdraw Studios


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Flip, rotate and capture the light.
Jump in search of One Button that seals victory. 1-4 players, controller support (or keyboard... it's cozy).
Play in browser
No more than one button!
A side-scroller action and visual novel mashup.
One Button Geometric Ricochet Pinball Golf
A short game made during the 2018 Winter ICT Game Jam.
Fast paced bullet hell autorunner game.
Frogs go up, cats come down. Plus rockets and swords and stuff. One button controls your destiny.
A 2-4 player button-based brawler.