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Updated: And the winner is.... both submissions! Unfortunately there were only two, but hey! There are two sides on a tape. ;)

This game jam is a homage to the ZX Spectrum, and although it might not be easy to start programming from scratch on BASIC, this platform certainly is deserving of our time and effort.

And what will the winner take? I hear you ask...

We will publish a limited physical tape edition of your game to be sold world wide, with printed cover and all. We'll sell it online and in a few partner stores around the world. Just imagine... you'll be making a buck from a Spectrum game, not many people are able to claim that!


What is the theme for this GameJam?
The theme is Evil Chicken!

Where did the idea to make this GameJam came from?
The idea for this jam originated from the special edition OST we're manufacturing to be released in October on FNAC in Portugal. I was looking at the prototype in my hands and though how cool and fun would be to publish a new game for the Spectrum, and so here we are.

@danielpwright asks: Are we limited to BASIC to develop our submission?
No, you can use whatever tool or language you feel comfortable with as long as the final result is compatible with at least one Spectrum platform and fits in a audio tape (two sides tops).

@danielpwright asks: is there flexibility on what timezone I can use to submit my game?
On our end there is as long as you're able to submit the game through, maybe try changing the profile localization or computer clock to work around that. Just remember to keep the dev within the 48 hours.

@reidrac asks: Isn't 48 hours too short of a time to develop a speccy game to be published?
Yes it is, but don't worry about that because the jam itself serves to kickstart the creativity and energy, after that the winners can polish and improve the game before it gets published in physical format.

@ongaku_mm asks: Are there modern tools to develop for the ZX Spectrum?
Yes there are, here is a list of some interesting links that I hope it helps, but never forget that Google is your friend.

I would like to partner with this game jam, what should I do?
Just tweet or PM me @diogostuart and I'll gladly work things out with you.

Have more questions or suggestions?
Leave your questions on my twitter @diogostuart and I'll improve this FAQ, also please use the hashtag #ZXS2015.
More details soon!


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submission for 2015 ZXS Retro Game Jam (ZX-Spectrum, MSX1, Colecovision, Sega MasterSystem/SG1000, Casio PV1000)
Timmy is skating on ice collecting Eggs for his Eggy Bread! But Angry Chicky is not 'aving it!