This jam is now over. It ran from 2018-10-07 04:00:00 to 2018-10-07 20:50:00. View results

First game jam of the second season of JamNATION happening in Montreal from October 5 to 7, 2018.

Collaboration between iThrive Games and JamNATION


Theme: Mental Health and Teens-oriented Games

Constraint: Wordless (no written or spoken words in the game)


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Anxiety Simulator
Jam Nation 2018 - A serious game about social anxiety
Interactive Fiction
Change masks to hide your personality in order to appeal to different crowds
A story of a chameleon teen
A Game about OCD the dog.
Game made during iThrive + JamNATION game jam in Montreal
Two siblings fight off the dark Thoughts that take the form of monsters Using Flashlights.
A little cloud needs to go home after a long day in School. It will have to face a few encounters and overcome them.
Explore gather allies and fight negatives thoughts
Cooking up mental well-being!
Play in browser
A puzzle game and a take on bipolarity