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The 1st Patras Game Jam is real! Patras Game Dev is a newly formed community of game developers located in Patras, Greece. In the climax of a 5-week series of workshops we are happy to announce our first twelve-hour jam. Although the jam will be hosted in Patras Office Space, a local co-working space, anyone can participate through!


The theme of the jam will be announced on Saturday the 10th of December at 10:00 GMT+2!

Theme is Here


  • Rule 1 of the Patras Game Jam

We don't talk about the Patras Game Jam.

  • Rule 2 of the Patras Game Jam

See Rule 1.

  • Rule 3 of the Patras Game Jam

Oh, and you better not use copyrighted assets. That sucks. But whatever is under creative commons is fair game. You don't have to make everything yourself or during the jam!

  • Rule 4 of the Patras Game Jam

You retain all rights and ownership of whatever you create during the jam!


Submit before 22:00 GMT+2!

We would prefer if the submissions where exported in WebGL but we will accept all mainstream platforms. Well you know… If you give us a Tizen build, we won't be playing it unless you send us a device with it.


Well… do you really need an excuse to jam? You're going to end up with a brand-new game!

If that isn't enough for you, we will do a Let's Play of all submissions live on Twitch the next day at 21:00 GMT+2!

For the winners of the physical jam we will be giving out a month-long subscription to Patras Office Space!


The entirety of the onsite portion of the jam will be streamed live at our Twitch channel If any of you wish to stream your development process as well don't be shy and share a link using the hashtag #PatrasGJ1!

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