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Welcome to the First Flame Game Jam!

Opening stream:

Flame is a game engine built on top of Flutter, a cross-platform framework which allows developers to create native applications for multiple platforms likes Android, iOS, Web and Desktop.

Create a game with Flame and help us gather feedback for our most anticipated v1 release!

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  1. Teams: You can join in as a team (be it solo or up to 7 people), but each person can only be on one team.
  2. Game submission: The game submission must be done by the Jam's page. The entry must include a Web Build embedded on (preferable) or an Android build (APK). The submission page must also include instructions of how to play the game, as well as at least one screenshot of the game. You can support other platforms as desired.
  3. Jam dynamic: All the work in the game development must be done between the Jam period and by members of the team; any work done outside that period will cause the entry to be disqualified.
  4. Assets: You can use assets not made by you or your team as long as those assets are Royalty Free, available to the whole community, and they are credited in game. Graphical art and Music are part of the final score of the entry, and original assets will grant the entry additional points.
  5. Packages: It is only required that the game is made in Flutter with Flame using the latest v1 release candidate (flame 1.0.0-releasecandidate.16), any other packages/libraries are allowed to be used as well.
  6. Code access: All entries must be Open Source and include a link to the game source code.
  7. Friendly content: None of the following content are allowed on the games:
    1. NSFW, sexual content, nudity and excessive and extreme use of gore/violence.
    2. Hateful content, including violence, threats, discrimination against other people (For example discrimination based on ethnicity, nation, caste, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religion, age, disability or diseases).
    3. Flame's own code of conduct can't be breached.


The theme is Halloween!

Apart from the theme you also have to choose at least one of the limitations below that your game should follow.

Limitations (interpret as you wish):

  • Your game should have a twist - or
  • Should be ridiculously happy and colorful (remember, stick to the theme) - or
  • Your game should not include any collision


Judging of the entries will be done by the Flame team. Below, you can find the criteria are and how they will be judged. Each criterion will receive a rating from 0 to 5 and the final score of the entry will be an arithmetic average of all criteria.

  • Graphics: how good the game looks visually. It doesn't matter which art style is chosen, as long as it's appealing and consistent across the game. If the team hasn't made the art from scratch during the Jam, this criterion has a top score of 3.
  • Audio: how good the game sounds, both in sound effects and music. If the team hasn't composed the audio themselves from scratch during the Jam, this criterion has a top score of 3.
  • Game Design: how well the game mechanics work and how good the gameplay is. For example: Are the controls good and easy to understand? Are the rules of the game clear? And most importantly, is the game fun?
  • Theme: how well the theme and the limitation was used in the game. For example: can the theme be identified? Was it used in a clever way? It is important to mention that the theme doesn't need to be interpreted literally; a creative interpretation may grant a good score on this criterion.


The Flame Team is offering cash prizes for the top three winners, i.e., for the teams with the highest ratings. The prizes will be transferred via PayPal (or other similar service if, for some reason, PayPal cannot be used).

If a tie happens, the untying criteria will be the date and time of the submission; the one that was submitted first amongst the tied entries will be chosen as the winner (and so on). The prize will be transferred to one of the members of the team (chosen by the team) and the team will be responsible for the division of the prize among its members.

Prize values (represented in US Dollars):

  1. First place: $120
  2. Second place: $60
  3. Third place: $20

Those values are the values that the Jam Organisation will send to the winners, the received value may not be the full value due to fees from the service used.

The judges (Flame team) are of course not eligible to participate in the ranking or receive prizes.


Very Good Ventures


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2D PvP Turn Based Game
Play in browser
A short & sweet game made for the 1st Flame Engine Game Jam.
Interactive Fiction
Kobacha chan lost her sweets, now she must get them back inside a mysterious house
Deliver Halloween children candies to the box
Tap monsters and challenge yourself to get the highest score you can!
Flame Game Jam - Treat Time Team
Combine potions to match the demanded recipe.
Spread darkness in a happy world
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Gather pumpkins for your soup
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