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Release at least one thing each month! 

That's it! It can be something new, it can be something you made for another jam, it can be new content for something you already made. It doesn't have to been created during the month you release it, it only needed to be released that month! It doesn't actually have to be a game. The only requirement is that you submit an itch page to this jam, and that the submission is not identical to a previous month.

If you're creating something new, many people like a theme for inspiration so June's total optional theme is:


It's completely optional, you don't even need to pay it lip service! 

Use the hash tag #1RAM if you feel like it when posting about your release on social media!

Clearly inspired by and if you'd like to set yourself a goal of doing this jam 12 times, great! If not, also great!


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A simple voxel fort generator
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Dance Battling Frogs
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