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Your goal: design a game where everything has 1 HP.

I was talking with my friend Adam on our podcast about HP and we got curious: what if everything in a game only had 1 HP, ever. No increasing. 1 HP and that's it. We had some ideas, but we want to see what you can come up with.

We started thinking about 1HP games in the vein of Dungeons & Dragons, but you're welcome to take your 1HP wherever it leads you. 

We're mostly interested in tabletop RPGs, but that's not a hard requirement. If you want to make a videogame or boardgame or LARP or whatever, go for it.

After the jam ends, we'll talk about our favorite entries on our twitter accounts (@olde_fortran and @hackerblinks) and a future episode of Another Question.


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A very brief fantasy RPG
A tabletop roleplaying game of long term rivalries for two players.
A card based, roguelike TTRPG about working the gig economy
A one-shot 1-HP infiltration hex crawl for 1 or 2 players
Play through short, fantastical adventures as a party of fae creatures.
2-6 players take the role of baby mimics trying to survive in a bustling port town.
A game about the constant fear of death, whilst escaping the shackles of servitude.
A short game about touching things to make them disappear
You have 1 Hp and infinite ammo, can you make it count?
A pen-n-paper RPG about customising your rooty tooty point-n-shooty.
Play in browser
Two mini-games where you lose
Play in browser
A tabletop RPG about death, heroes, death, angry DMs, death, humour and death.
A tabletop RPG of tired heroes with 1 HP