Submissions open from 2023-03-31 17:00:00 to 2023-05-01 21:59:59
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RPG Maker is well known for its horror games and now it's time to make more of them! Whether you are starting out with RPG Maker or are already experienced with the engine, you are welcome to participate in this game jam. Whether you plan a serious, dark horror masterpiece, a B-movie style game about typical horror movie protagonists going into spooky places where no sane man would ever dare to tread or even just a silly game about Reid being chased around an abandoned mansion by ferocious Tiger Bunnies, this game jam is for you! Hopefully, at the end of the game jam you will have something playable you can be proud of!

Theme: Depths of the Earth

Bonus Challenges: Unlike the Theme, these are entirely optional. Feel free to do one, two, all of them or ignore them completely.

For this game jam, the optional challenges are the following three:

1 - Cave-in: At one point in the game the way forward suddenly becomes blocked by falling rocks/rubble.

2 - Prepare for the Descent: At the start of the game, the player is able to choose one of several useful items to take with them.

3 - Maze Puzzle: There's a part in the game where you need to go through a maze to a particular destination.

Discord: Here's the link to the Discord server!


- You can only start working on the actual game project after the submission period starts, but you can start planning and creating/gathering assets, plugins and other resources before that time.

- Your game must be made in an RPG Maker engine (2000, 2003, XP, VX, VX Ace, MV, MZ).

- Your game must be a horror game, or atleast have horror elements. It doesn't have to be outright scary, so long as it can even remotely be considered one.

- You can use whatever assets, resources and scripts/plugins you want, so long as you have the rights to use them, abide by their Terms of Use and give credit.

- Abide by the EULA of whichever version of RPG Maker you use to make your game.

- Your game must incorporate the Theme in some way.

- Abide by's Terms of Service.

Suggestions: If you use RPG Maker MV or MZ to make your game, try to include a Browser version of your game if you can. It's not a requirement and you don't have to do so, but you will get a lot more people to play your game if it can be played in a browser.