Submissions open from 2023-06-02 14:00:00 to 2023-06-04 14:00:00
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10 Years of Game Jams in Klagenfurt!

As always, the 10th Klagenfurt Game Jam is a 48-hour game jam at the University of Klagenfurt. The topic will be announced at the start of the game jam (Friday), and people can either jam at the university or participate online. If you join on-site, please don't forget to register in our on-site form, so that we can provide snacks and drinks and provide a t-shirt in the right size for you ๐Ÿ‘•

This is an open-source game jam. Therefore, you must use assets and code that you can share under an open-source license. The organizers will announce the topic at the beginning of the jam (Friday, June 2, 2023, starting at 4 pm CEST), and you have two days to collaborate, create, and test. Upload it here before the deadline and be ready to present it in person or send in a video to be shown if you join remotely. 

The topic is: Rescue the dragon, slay the princess


  • Replay value
  • Death is good
  • Likable villain
  • Enemies are useful
  • Curse of the narrator

After the game jam, everyone who submitted a game or is visiting the game jam can vote for other games. The voting categories are: Game Design, Originality, Topic Fit, Graphics, Audio, Fun, and Writing.

A few crucial points:

Have fun creating ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Yours, Gamebert