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Welcome to the 10MB Challenge game jam page. Just by the title I bet you can guess what the jam is about. It doesn't matter what you make, heck it could be 3D. The full build has to fit within the size requirements without being zipped. Please include game play footage so anyone can see your game regardless of platform.


  • Made during the game jam (not content already published before hearing of the jam)
  • Build folder has to be 10MB or less

Building your game

Your game can be built for any platform but preferably:

  • Windows
  • Universal (All platforms)
  • HTML 5

This is to ensure the most amount of people can play your game. Mac OS is fine but less preferable to the lower platform usage, same with Linux.

Find Game Size On Windows

Right click on the containing folder of the build and click properties, it will have a line for folder size.


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Fast paced wave shooter
A minecraft clone made in Python with Pyglet