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Make a game based on a song

What is the Jam About?

This jam will involve  competing for the $100 grand prize and participating in the mini-documentary which will include some brief skype interviews throughout the jam. We plan on putting the documentary on youtube so if that is an issue for you this is probably not the game jam for you. 

Who is the Jam for?

Since this game jam is going to be documented you must also be comfortable with us posting your interviews on youtube. We are hoping that over time we can build up enough of a following that we can start giving some decent money and exposure to developers that participate in the tournament.

What do you get out of it?

-$100 delivered via e-transfer

-The chance at being the inaugural UJC champion 

-A platform to promote any projects your working on 

-Help us build an awesome youtube channel that can hopefully one day fund giant cash prizes for game jams


-The game must relate to the theme

-Don't steal anything from other people

-Games will be judged by three judges that will look at creativity, relevance to the theme, aesthetics, game design and game feel

-Feel free to compete as a team with a cool name! Teams are 1-4 people

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Romance is in the air!
Visual Novel
Never doubt of the hot dog power
We managed to make a childhood nursery rhyme into a game