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Hey Guys and Gals! Are you ready for your chance to win 100 bucks?  Try your hand at Cowboy's Week Jam. You have one week to make a playable game.  One you're  game is posted i will play each game and record it and post a video of me playing the game on Cowoby8625's Channel aka my channel.


Here is last jam game videos:



Join this discord room for the Theme. Rules:


1). No requirements for language or engines.

2). Time Limit One Week.

3). Please re-frame your self from working on game until theme is announced in #jam-theme  the moment jam starts.  (on discord)

4). You don't have to make the art work but if you do that can be extra points.
NOTE: If you are using art work you didn't make please post links to them.

5). Make sure when posting your game in #submissions it is a playable game. (in discord)
 NOTE: post game on then post link to game in #submissions 6). With submission please post what platform your game runs on.

7). Please have photo of your game that best represents it with your submission.

8). Must be a member of the discord to win.

9).  I will be recording my self playing submitted games on my Youtube Channel. So PLEASE keep in mind that I have a family friendly channel so if I feel that the game is not suited for my channel I will not consider it for recording or winning.

10). Game can be 3D or 2D doesn't not matter.

11). Can be alone or with other members other the discord.

12). I will not be excepting late submissions and they have to be submitted on itch for them to count.

13). Don't get butt hurt if I make fun of your game in the video. I am just trying to make a fun to watch video and if you submitted a game at all then you are a winner in my book.

100 dollars or a gift card. Your very own custom emoji on Python Together Server.

I really am excited and I hope to see your game soon! There was a 2nd and 3th place winner last jam but that will not always be a thing.

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A RETRO Spaceship Shooter RPG
A runner game with CRT inspired visuals.
Play in browser
Work as the last taxi driver to save people from the apocalypse
Play in browser
Can you become the future you wanted to become?
Downloadable game for Windows
Enter the Scrap Yard with your Guide Ball to fire lasers at the evil Tin Heads and the menacing Biter.
Future Jam Stealth Game
Control Two Cyborgs in a Distant Future
Find out wat happened in future earth.
Flying Car Sim