This jam is now over. It ran from 2021-04-09 14:00:00 to 2021-04-09 15:45:00. View results

The theme is . . . .


Fitting with 100 minutes, your game must involve the number 100, whether that be through a 100 second timer, 100 enemies, 100 levels, it can be whatever you wish as long as it involves 100!

Here it is! The return of the beloved GameMaker discord jam!

10 ^ 2 (3)!

You have 100 minutes.

Jams often last for 48/72 hours or longer - but not everybody has the time to take part in those jams. So here we have the 10² Jam. 100 minutes, do what you can!

A theme/mechanic will be revealed at the start of the jam. You then have 100 minutes to create a game based around this theme/mechanic. Judging will last for a period following the jams competition and is open to all participants. Results will be announced once this period has completed.


  1. Code must be written during the 100 minutes (with the exception of commonly repeated code such as a basic camera/collision system)
  2. Late submissions are not allowed (your game must be submitted before the 100 minutes is over + a possible 5 minute submit time)
  3. Assets are allowed if you own the legal rights to use them (this includes art and sound)
  4. The game must run on Windows and/or HTML5
  5. The game must be made using GameMaker Studio 1.4/2.X (This includes beta versions of GMS2.3)
  6. Teams are not allowed.

Assets: (not an exhaustive list)

Kenny nl (art, sounds, music)

OpenGameArt (art)

itch (art, sounds, music)


There is no real prize, it's just for fun! However you will get a permanent role on the GM discord to show that you won the 10² jam. That's cool, right?

GM Discord:

Come join us if you haven't already! GameMaker Discord


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make 100 sandwich
Play in browser
Snake but loopy. 100 points per apple.
Collect 100 stars and own the night sky!
Pong 100 is pong but 100 times worse
Play in browser
Help Sid avoid the temptation of delicious Pepsi.
10^2 jam entry.
please read my comment before playing