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10 Day Game Jam #1

So Guys Welcome to Our First Game Jam which is going to be a 10 Day Game Jam … The entries will be voted by the Submitters and contributors and then will be ranked …. First I wanna say one thing that it is not always that you come first … Even if you are last it doesn't matter … what matters is that you at least submitted … So,

The Theme For The Game Jam Is (starting easy) :- 

                 Stuck in a loop


🎮Things on which the game will be judged:-🎮

1. Of course your game should be based on the theme... first we will see that your game is based on the theme or not if not you will lose points. (The whole judging will be contained of 20 points out of which if it is theme based or not will contain 5 points)
2. The game should be creative... you need to show your full creativity to earn points of creativity ... (Creativity will contain 10 points)
3. Third and the last point should be how interactive your game is and how much fun is to play with the game... If you create the game but the player itself cannot understand the game then what's the point in that. So, You your game should be interactive with the players (Interactive game will consist of 5 points).


🎮🕹We Hope Great Submissions From You Best of Luck ! 🕹🎮


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You're stuck, forever...
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A plattformer/puzzle game with Active Ragdoll
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