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Bringing this back for a second year! Create an RPG whose entire gameplay is constrained to one map/room. The game may be centered around any theme, using any mechanics, but I encourage you to keep the room reasonably small!

For the purpose of this jam, I define an 'RPG' as 'a game with role-playing elements'. The rest is up to you! You may work solo or in teams. Assets may be CC or made from scratch. Use any engine you want.

You're welcome to create a devlog thread in the forums, too!



  • Game must have 3 or more interactive objects
  • Game must have functional inventory system
  • Gameplay must be 5 or more minutes
  • Game must be appropriate for audiences under 18

Optional Challenges

  • Include 3+ speaking characters
  • Make all visual assets from scratch
  • Use an engine you're unfamiliar with (or make your own!)
  • Include a reference to your favourite game

And that's all! Go wild, guys, and don't forget to use #1RoomRPG on social media when posting WIPs! Hope to see some interesting games this year! :D

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Game RPG with epic advanture story
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