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Jam will run from the 14th of January until the 15th of February


  1. Love and Friendship have various meanings, show us what they mean to you
  2. No NSFW - as this is an all ages jam we cannot allow that content
  3. Any game engine is allowed and physical games like a ttrpg you can print are allowed as well
  4. Game must remain free and public for the entire duration of the jam to allow participants to play them


Join our discord & find a team


This jam will not be judged, but we look forward to seeing all submissions and playing them as well!

I don't have any ideas?

Here are some topics you may want to explore, but we encourage you to interpret the theme yourself as well:

  • Valentine's Day
  • Galentine's Day
  • A story about your best friend
  • A story about falling in love
  • A game in which creating friendships is esential to progressing


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macOS (3)
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Help save Saffie from herself in this cosy but dark winter fairytale.
Visual Novel
You open your eyes and you are-?? A? WHAT!? Guide MJ on a journey to meet a friend.
A gay road trip romance
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A zine greeting card for a friend
a yandere journaling game
game for Valentine's Day
Fire Cupid's arrow and guide it through the heavens, collect hearts in sky!