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Announcing the Valentine's Day Sale and Selects Bundle!

It’s that time of year again when the days get a little brighter, the coldest part of winter is behind us, and there’s a little something in the air. That’s right it’s pollen season! Wait, it’s also Valentine’s Day? Let’s talk about that instead of the sniffles!

If you’re reading this post, then the Valentine’s Day sale is already live! That’s right, from Monday We’ve partnered with a ton of developers of visual novels, dating sims, and interactive fiction to offer discounts sitewide on the genres. “But team” you’re probably thinking, “that’s so many awesome games, how will I be able to find the hot content that I neeeeeed?” Well rhetorical-question-asker, worry no more. We’re featuring some of our personal favorites on our homepage and Twitter throughout the duration of the sale but we’re also including a frontpage capsule that highlights games in the sale that our robot army thinks you’ll like. Isn’t the future wild?

“But what if I only want to buy one thing and get multiple games?” Wow totally real person, you’ve got a lot of questions but you’re in luck. We’re also announcing the Valentine’s Day Selects! You read that correctly, we’ve got the third entry in our premium bundle series. For just $9 you’ll receive the following games:

Four Horsemen

Experience the strength that comes from togetherness in Four Horsemen. Play as four immigrant teens squatting in a bunker and trying to understand their place in a world that is passively and actively hostile to them. Learn how to accurately swear in a variety of languages! Four Horsemen is a game that everyone needs to play right now.

Emily is Away Too

Dive deep into history with Emily is Away Too, and all of the drama of life online in the early 2000s. Enjoy navigating not-AIM and friendships inside a world poised ready to make any 20-something feel deja vu. From branching narratives to poignant writing and custom avatars to vintage memes, Emily is Away Too has it all.


If you’re looking for a game about murdering sad robots and feeling bad about it, look no further. Localhost takes an incredibly dour premise, packs it full of heart, and assembles it into one of our favorite games of 2017. Check out Localhost if you want a poignant tale about what it means to be alive, our relationships with each other, and our technology.

Ghosts of Miami

Spend your romance themed holiday with the most sensual activity of all time: solving crimes. Ghosts of Miami takes a look into the neon-soaked past and asks you to split your time between detective work and pursuing a variety of diverse romantic options. Enjoy this vibrant world now.

Hustle Cat

Afraid of spending Valentine’s Day alone with your cat? Would you rather spend Valentine’s Day dating your cat? Wait don’t leave Hustle Cat isn’t weird it’s really fun and charming. Still there? Great. Spend your days working at a local cat cafe with a strange secret: all of the employees are dateable humans in the store, and adorable cats outside of it. Yeah it’s a wild concept and makes for a game that everyone should check out at least once.

Highway Blossoms

Fall in love in the middle of a treasure hunt across the American southwest. Live your life on the road and experience all that motorhome living has to offer. Enjoy a bonus second playthrough that trades romance for goofs! Highway Blossoms has enough romance for everyone this holiday and is tender enough for even the most jaded of players.

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