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Hello, and welcome to Thawra (ثورة) Jam.  If you don't know already, a series of protests have broken out all across Lebanon. 

In these times, a lot of creative works have been produced in support of these protest or as a form of activism itself. From graffiti, to music to photograph, to even memes. It's time we made games too. We've even 3D scanned the Martyr Monument in Beirut, for you all to use, for free, in your games! Grab it here!

Whether you're artist, programmer, designer, musician, writer, veteran game maker or newcomer. Everyone is welcome to join! 

Join us in this special online Game Jam to create games and protest through art.  

!ثورة! ثورة! ثورة

Here's a FAQ in case you need more information.

What is a Game Jam? A Game Jam is like a hackathon but focused on game development, usually condensed into a limited time and with a theme. You have one week to make your game and submit it here.

What is The Theme? The theme is Revolution (ثورة).

Do I Have to use the Martyr Statue in my game? No, but it would be really cool if you did. Download it now!

Do I need to be Lebanese or living in Lebanon to participate? No, but you should be aware of what's going on in Lebanon and the middle east. 

What am I expected to make? A game, any kind of game, as long as it sticks to the theme of Revolution. It could be board game, a video game,  card game, an escape the room, a social game or even a party game. And those are just examples of what some people have done here in some Lebanese Game Jams in the past.  Let your imagination run wild. 

What do I need? Not much, a pen and paper, or your best laptop, or your favorite Arduino kit, and possibly some friends (those are useful,  if you don't have any, we will make you some).

Do I need to have a team? Is there a limit for teams? No, you could work on your own. And no, there is no team limit. Though we recommend no more than 4 people for a game jam. The more important thing is to have people filling theses roles: Programmer, Musician, Artist and Designer, maybe writer as well. One or more people could take more than one role, but try to make sure you have all roles filled.

Can we use pre-made assets, art or music? Sure, but make sure whatever you're using is free to use or open source. And please credit the original creators. 

Is it okay if I join late? Of course!

Can I submit a game before the deadline, and can i submit more than one game? Yes, and yes. 

I want to join, but I want to go to the streets, what should I do? Game Jams are usually 48 hours, this one is a week. We're sure you can find the time to do both.

Can you help me with finding resources like art or a some tools? Here's a link to a comprehensive list of resources. You can find literally anything you might be looking for there. From game engines, assets, task managers,  source control, recording software etc...

I'm having a problem, can you guys help or offer guidance? You can try reaching out and asking questions on the forums or you can try asking our community by joining the LGD discord

Now go and make a game!


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