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Behold! The greatest gamejam in the history of gamejams! We are RenderedSpace, the AR/VR and Game Development club of USICT, GGSIPU, New Delhi and we invite you all to this amazing and fun event  with a major addition. What do regular gamejams do? You make games on a theme, submit them here, get ratings and win (i.e with judge discretion xD) blah blah blah BORING!

We have something special in this event. You submit your games and you get shortlisted for the final round of SpaceJam held on 12th October at InfoXpression 2K19 at our Campus! What's so special about this anyway? Well we would like to field test your game that's what! Your games would be reviewed by the people present on campus. They would rate your game and prove you're worthy enough to win! On top of that we assure that games are made by you guys only so we have a code analysis round where we literally breakdown your code to its core and make sure you are the TRUE CREATOR of your masterpiece.

If this isn't enough motivation for you then consider the prize as well. We are giving out prizes to the winning team worth $150 and we also have official Unity Swags waiting for you at our campus. You also get to see what others have built and socialize with other developers at the event.

So summing it all up : 

1. Online Round from 1st to 10th October. Make your submissions here on

2. Final Round on 12th October 2019 at USICT, GGSIPU, Dwarka, New Delhi, Delhi-78

It's a great opportunity to learn and grow overall.

You can participate in a team or solo. It's all on you!

For finalists outside Delhi, we will have a fair public review of your games at our end if you can't make it.

Register now and start working my friend. We hope to see you at InfoX this year as a finalist.

Theme for this game jam is - > APOCALYPSE

Do checkout other events at InfoXpression on ->


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Earth Apocalypse is a unique game made just for spacejam.
Play in browser
A storm has taken over the world and you must outrun it
outrun the storm and finish all the tricky levels to be the survivor
FPS shooting Game