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Welcome to the first ever #SampleJam! This jam was created by Utah Game Audio but is open to absolutely anyone (especially the extended #GameAudio family).

This is a music jam where you create a song that fits the given game music prompt using only the provided samples. You can stretch, squish, distort, and otherwise process the samples however you like but everything in your final product must have originated from the provided samples. Also, each sample can only be used for the purpose of this jam unless otherwise specified in the ZIP file.

If you've got any questions, concerns, or you just wanna chat about the jam, head over to the Community tab! If things like wavetable synthesis and single cycle waveforms are mysterious things to you, feel free to start a thread in the Community tab!

PROMPT: A technologically advanced city of cyborgs and androids finds itself catapulted back in time to a mystic forest full of castles, dragons, wizards, and more.

SAMPLES: Right here (direct download)! This sample pack is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.

SAMPLE MANGLING INSPIRATION: Note that the Prodigy videos have language that might be objectionable to some. If that stuff bugs you, don't watch those videos. Just be aware you'll be missing out on some crazy samples!

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A music piece in the noise/ambient/drone genre
Audio track for SampleJam. Additional details and links in main page.
Beat made for #SampleJam
​Cyborgs from the future bring a new funky fresh new beat to the mystic forest.​