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It's that time again! It's time for the Respawn Fall 2020 game jam! Develop a game in a weekend with a team of fellow students and share your creation! A game jam theme will be chosen at the start of the event which you can get inspiration from (or don't, the choice is yours).

The theme is:


Rules for Participation

  1. Act Appropriately: You must abide by Florida Polytechnic University’s student code of conduct to ensure appropriate event behavior.
  2. Don't Plagiarize: Make sure to credit content used in your project that wasn't created by you or any team members.
  3. New Projects Only: You should be creating a brand new project for the game jam rather than building on top of an already existing project. You are allowed to reference assets from previous project such as code snippets or generic content. Use your best judgement on this one.
    1. If you have a game idea prior to the game jam that you never built upon, you are allowed to utilize that design.
  4. Team sizes shouldn't exceed 5 people.
    1. This is only a maximum team size, feel free to work in a team smaller than this.

Event Q&A

  • Since we are going remote for this game jam, what can we expect to differ from previous game jams?
    • Unfortunately we will not have any merchandise or food this time around.
    • Teams are responsible for determining their method of communication.
      • We will be offering optional voice channels in our discord for teams to meet within.
    • As always we will have the discord channel available for game jam discussion and team building.
      • Instead of in person meetings we will be running them on our discord.
  • I have never developed a game in my life! Where do I get started?
    • Game development is no easy task, but it is easier to get started than you might think. If you are brand new to game development our recommendation is to get started working in the Unity game engine. This engine is very popular and has a large support network, meaning if you encounter an issue there are likely countless threads online covering it. As far as educational content for learning Unity there are many options including: Ruby 2D Adventure Course for a complete course on learning unity, Brackeys YouTube for interesting one off tutorials, or even a a Udemy course (paid). If you need any help when developing your game don't hesitate to reach out to Media Club officers for help.
  • What game engine am I allowed to use to create my game?
    • There is no limitation on what game engines or software you can utilize during the game jam.
      • We recommend sticking to the popular options such as Unity, Unreal Engine, Gamemaker, or Godot.
  • My question isn't listed here. How can I get help?
    • You can message any of the executive board members on our discord channel. As a last resort email


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A primary color platformer with a twist.
What you can't see can, indeed, hurt you, and with great malice.
Build towers to defend the forest against waves on industrial bots!
Switch between seeing one of the three visible colors in this Puzzle Platformer!
Navigate the maze to fine the light but don't let your own light go out.
a game where the goal is to never look at what you're doing
Visual Novel
See what all the fuss is about