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It's time for the fourth iteration of Otherships Jam!

Otherships Jam is a game jam about creating tabletop roleplaying games (or LARPs, or other analog games) featuring diverse, underrepresented relationship structures. You can interpret this however you'd like, but here's a list of things I had in mind:

  • Asexual romantic relationships
  • Queerplatonic/Quasiplatonic relationships, asexual or otherwise
  • Other aromantic partnerships
  • Same gender relationships
  • Other queer relationships
  • Valued friendships
  • Polyamorous and polyplatonic relationships
  • Relationships that reject hierarchies/relationship anarchy
  • Chosen family
  • Mentorship
  • Relationships including autistic and other neurodivergent people
  • Relationships involving disabled people
  • Relationships where one partner is a caregiver for the other
  • Cohousing and other forms of communal living
  • Relationships naturally evolving over time
  • Consensual power imbalance/BDSM/kink in relationships
  • Cross-cultural and interracial relationships
  • Relationships only possible in fantasy or science fiction or horror
  • And anything else you can think of! Even interesting mechanics for common relationship structures are fair game!

This is a pretty broad swath of inspiration, and there are no rules for the structures of your games aside from them being tabletop games with some element of roleplay. This is a noncompetitive jam, so the focus is more on just creating something cool for other people to play and have them all be listed in this central place. There are, however, a few rules:

  1. No games that promote bigotry. This includes racism, homophobia, biphobia, aphobia, ableism, sexism, etc.
  2. No games promoting nonconsensual or abusive relationships.
  3. Games can include explicit or potentially triggering content, but please use the game listing page to warn potential players.
  4. No blatant copyright infringement, like art theft. Making supplemental content for other games or fandom-based games is fine. Hacks are fine, as is using legally available content.
  5. Nothing else illegal. Absolutely no sexualization of children or inclusion of sexual or romantic relationships between minors and adults. No games with explicit sex between teen characters, even if they're all teens.
  6. You can charge money for your games, as this isn't a judged jam.

If you want to collaborate or talk to other jammers, there's a community forum here, as well as a channel on my Queer Game Dev Discord server (you can join even if you aren't queer, as long as you are respectful and follow the rules): Or you could join the Queer Indie TTRPG Scene server, but keep in mind that this server is for queer-identified people only:

Here’s some resources for creating an analog (tabletop or live action) game:

Olivia M./Metaparadox - Organizer of Otherships Jam, Ace Jam, Aro Jam, Neurodiversity in Games Jam, Mixed Feelings Jam, Social Distancing LARP Jam, and Zine Jam


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A 1-4 player TTRPG about friendship across time
an arts-and-crafts based society-building larp about number theory and relationship styles, for five or more players