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The theme: “organising at work.” We want entries that take a creative angle on what “organising at work” means today. This could be about trade unions, building networks, or talking to colleagues at work. Whether you’ve been following the story of game workers unionising or this is all brand new to you, we would love to see your contributions!

Submissions can be prototypes, working versions, ideas for a game, drafts and sketches, or other forms. What we are interested in is thinking about how short games can help inform or motivate organising at work. Please do get in touch if you want to submit in other ways than on

Given the organising that GWU members have been undertaking, we do not want this jam to encourage exploitative working practices. The timetable is a suggestion and we know how much work goes into making a game. That’s why we’ve gone with “jam” in speech marks.

We do not want participants to crunch for the jam, so we have spread it out over four weeks, finishing on the 17th of June. We encourage participants to support each other and share ideas and skills.

*We will be hosting a meet-up and social on the 1st of June at Loading bar in Dalston, where participants can collaborate on entries! More details and to sign up here.*

We launched the jam in London on Saturday 18th May, with the Marx at the Arcade Book launch. There will also be a celebration event at the end of the “jam” (details TBC - follow @GWU_UK on Twitter and visit the GWU UK Website for updates as well as  #WorkersGameJam ).

We aim to compile entries into a special issue of Notes from Below, along with accompanying pieces and interviews. Do get in touch if you want to contribute as well!


The “jam” is hosted by Notes from Below and supported by the GWU branch of IWGB in the UK


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Gather workplace intel in a game inspired by 70s spy films and the IWW
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A Sega Mega Drive game about organising workers to fight for better working conditions
The game about a union strike in a country with defeated socialism
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A game about workers' inquiry
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Union organiser gives game making a go
Build a tower to get over your boss' paperwork.
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A physics union katamari game