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A murder in HeavenView game page

An incomplete procedurally generated murder mystery
Submitted by Brain in a Bowl (@braininabowl) — 8 hours, 7 seconds before the deadline
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I really like the concept of this, even though it is only a  small portion of what you were attempting. You're right that it was very ambitious for a weekend game jam, but sometimes you need a jam to get started on something that you otherwise might never have attempted. I hope to see you continue development of it, I always enjoy seeing games that are totally different and break the norms :)


Intriguing Idea, and I love the look and feel already in place. Have you enjoyed working with TIC-80?


Cool idea, obviously as you stated there was no gameplay due to time constraints, but I think this would be an interesting game!


This is a really interesting tech-demo. Could you give more insight in how you implemented the procedural generator? Did you use a dictionary for the names? Did you use some AI API like OpenAI's GPT-3?


Thanks! I used nothing that fancy, it's mostly a couple of word buckets to generate the names and a lot of nested if-statements combined with some randomness to make the rest.

I really wanted to be able to recreate scenarios by using the same seed, which is hard to achieve with external API.


It's unfortunate you ran out of time, this seems like a cool (if not ambitious) concept. I'm hoping you continue this because I would love to play a more complete version.


The idea was superb, but yeah the lack of game-play was unfortunate. Good news is that now I will not try to make one of these in a weekend,


Thanks! It's nice to see we al learned something today.


It's a cool concept! Maybe next you could give information about the person's occupation or hobbies to add a bit more personality.


Even if you didn't had enought time, it's cool to see the interpersonal relations between the cast members, sometimes you can get weird conclussions from the data they give, it would be awesome to see this concept turned into a full and finished game in the future, i would play it for sure




"Interpersonal Conflict-Generator" is probably my new favorite game design term, and I expect it to be the new big marketing push of the AAA industry 2021 onwards. I really liked the idea that you came up with, it's a shame you weren't able to pull it off in time. Any plans to make the game anyways?


Thanks! I fully support more AAA games to be about resolving generated interpersonal conflicts. I've saved the world enough times by now.

I've been tinkering with ideas like this since I started to think about making my own games (roughly 1996), so I'll probably do more with it. Not sure if it will be on this exact game or a different future project.