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A jam entry

Time Switch (Quicksilver game)View game page »

a game inspired by the QuickSilver scene in X-men Days of future past made for a GameJam (JimJam)
Submitted by Game Switch with 23 minutes, 56 seconds before the deadline

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Sound Effects#782.1912.400

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

What INSPIRED this game?
GamePlay Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4X43xKEKdAA

My favorite action movie scene of QuickSilver in X-men Days of Future Past. I only had like 12 hours due to other commitments. Please give some feedback, will finish the game with loads of game feel elements and levels if the feedback is good :)

List any additional team members here.
Just me.

List the parts of your game you or your team did NOT make. (Pre-existing assets or downloaded content)
Music = Downloaded from the original Movie scene.
Everything else made from scratch for the Jam.

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Also, for some reason when I did get to play it, it wouldn't work right on my last computer for some reason. I just tried it on my new one though and it worked very well! Thanks for helping inspire me on the game I'm currently working on!!


Hey really happy to hear this mate! By any chance are you using Game Maker Studio too? If so we could collaborate :) 


I've used it before, on my Ludum Dare 41 game so I'm familiar with it, but I'm actually using Construct 2.

I can send you a link to a video of what I've done so far with the game, I call it "Make Haste!" at the moment :)

Would love to collaborate though, I can do a bit of everything honestly, which basically means I'm not "great" at one given thing, but decent in a few areas, but working on progressing :)


I didn't get a chance to play and rate this during the jam, but it inspired me to watch the X-Men movies with Quiksilver in them(I hadn't seen them yet), then  after that, I realized how much I enjoy the power of super speed so I started working on my own game with a character that has super speed. Hope you are still working at this! :)


Very promising. Will you be working on it more?


Yes!  i really like the concept...im working on it super hard to get the game feel right and complete it to a full game... I will send you a msg once the next build is released 


I just saw the gameplay video, and was like...wait...someone took one of my favorite X-Men Scenes, and made a game out of it?...Man..i like u, and nice game btw :D


Really appreciate the feedback man!! Yeah my favourite scene too! Lot of work need to be done but i feel it will look really cool once this is completed :) 


The concept is really cool. More levels would be nice if you work on this more in the future.


Thanks a lot, i will be adding more levels. I'll send you the link once 10 levels are added :) 

The concept is nice, but the kick lacks power which makes the task very difficult! (or a problem of collisions).

It is a problem in collisions mate, i fixed it. However i cant update the exe file till the voting of JimJam is done (in 6 more days).
Thanks a lot for trying out the prototype and for the feedback!


What little is there is super fun. I actually enjoyed it a lot. And for being made in 12 hours, it's seriously good. But it really is very tiny compared to other submissions, and yet it still requires one of the more invasive installers. Honestly, this could turn into a really cool game with some work, like perhaps huge battle scenes where you have to regenerate your ability to slow time and move things.


Slug_Overdoes Thanks a lot for the feedback. Yeah it is tiny actually, just 5-10 seconds of gameplay. Yeah my scope was a huge battle scene in slow motion where you have to save people and kick cops (and objects too, like kicking a table towards the direction of 5 cops to save some time instead of kicking 5 cops individually) in a entire facility...But yeah i ran out of time and couldn't really finish it properly.
I will finish this within this week and send you the link mate :) really nice to get some feedback! 
Regenerating the ability and moving in normal speed n slow motion would be really cool! will add it. 
About the installer, sorry about that, it's my 1st game jam. I should have exported a html5 version n added it here. Will keep in mind for the next game jam :)


I personally don't mind installers, but I know some people do. I just pointed it out because I think generally speaking, when people go through the trouble, however minimal, of installing a game, they expect a really full game experience. Again, I wouldn't take off points for it personally, but some might.


Yeah a installer would be okay for a full game. Preferably a paid game. But for something like this, it should have been a html5 web game. Really appreciate your thoughts mate. I downloaded your game but the virus guard stops me from playing, i'll deactivate it n play soon :)