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The Project

Ahoy, you scabby sea dogs! And welcome to the first Pirate Borg community content Jam: CABIN FEVER!

This is also the debut of our new sublabel for third party Pirate Borg content creators, which we are calling KNOWN CONSPIRATORS. Make stuff for Pirate Borg, get paid, everyone wins.

This jam is about making cool stuff for use with Pirate Borg and The Dark Caribbean setting. Share with the community. Get a free pin and sticker. And maybe get your submission printed in our first community book and win some COOL HARD CASH.

Submissions should be complete, finished pages, formatted for A5 print, with text, art, and layout. See the Pirate Borg Design Primer below for some guideance, and feel free to team up with other creators.

The submission window opens May 1 and closes May 31st.

Sale & Swag

To celebrate the Jam, 1st printing Pirate Borg books are on sale for cheaper than Amazon through May 31st, and orders over $60 get free domestic shipping.

We also made some shirts for the jam. They are available for all to purchase and help support the project.  Get them here.


Our Discord server, Limithron's Ship of the Dead, is the place to discuss your project, share and bounce ideas, and find people to work with. Look for the cabin-fever-jam forum under the Pirate Borg category. Join here.


Use the hashtag #pbcabinfever on social media and in your project.

The Book

All winning submissions will be compiled into an A5, full color, hardcover book that will be available as print-on-demand via The estimated cost is around $20-30 per book. We reserve the right to edit for content, spelling, grammar, and layout for submissions being printed in the book. Additional art, writing, and layout elements may also be added. The Lulu price will be for cost, and no profit will be made. The PDF of the book will be made available for free on,, and will be distributed to Limithron’s patrons. Winners that are selected for inclusion in the printed book will be sent a non-exclusive, non-expiring publishing contract from Limithron LLC for including their work in the printed version of CABIN FEVER. You still own your original content, but we’re paying for the right to distribute in this book and on our website.  Limithron LLC may reach out to creators to license their work for other projects, but that is beyond the planned scope of this jam.  Submitters own their work and are welcome to sell their work on other platforms. They may also charge for their submissions on after the conclusion of the jam, but submissions must be set to “free” or “pay-what-you-want” for the duration of the jam.


All submissions must be submitted into one of five categories. Limit one submission per submitter per category, though multiple pieces of content may be combined into one submission.


Page requirements: 2 to 16 pages.

This could be anything from single spread "one-page" dungeon to a 16-page module. Ideas: islands, temples, hex crawls, city adventures, etc. Limit one submission per submitter.

PC Class

Page requirements: 2 per class, up to 8 pages (4 classes).

Create new player class. Each class should be two pages (one spread).

Submitters may submit more than one PC Class but they should be submitted together and will be judged as one entry.

Monster, NPC, Ships, or Collection

Page requirements: 1 to 16 pages. 

Create new horrifying adversaries, engaging NPCs, archetype captains and crews, or entire bestiaries.

Submitters may submit more than one monster/NPC/ship, but they should be submitted together as a collection and will be judged as together as one entry.

Generator or Random Table(s)

Page requirements: 1 to 16 pages.

Random tables, generators, dice-drop tables, etc. 

 Submitters may submit more than one GM tool, but they should be submitted together as one submission and will be judged as together as one entry.


Page requirements: 1 to 16 pages.

Anything and everything else! Relics, rituals, curses, puzzles, traps, encounters, art assets & tokens, treasure maps, island or region maps, and rules supplements (i.e. Eat, Pray, Kill by Karl Druid, or Unheroic Feats by Johnny Carhat, etc.)

Submissions such as music, web tools, apps, Foundry modules, or other mixed media entries can be submitted in this category but might not be included in the printed book.

Submitters may submit more than one entry in this category, but they should be submitted together as one submission and will be judged as together as one entry.


  • Grand Prize* $1000. 
  • Best Writing and Content - $200
  • Best Original Art - $200
  • Best Layout and Graphic Design - $200
  • Best Adventure - $100, $50 (2 runners-up)
  • Best PC Class - $100, $50 (2 runners-up)
  • Best Monster, NPC, or Monster/NPC Collection - $100, $50 (2 runners-up)
  • Best Generator or Random Table(s) - $100, $50 (2 runners-up)
  • Best Miscellaneous -  $100, $50 (2 runners-up)

  • Each winning submission will receive one free printed copy of CABIN FEVER.
  • ALL participants that meet the rules & guidelines will receive a KNOWN CONSPIRATOR die cast pin and a CABIN FEVER die cut sticker (limit 3 per submission, and one per contributor).
  • Prize money and books will be sent to the primary creator. Stickers and Pins will be mailed directly to contributors.

The grand prize winner will not be considered for any other prizes, but other submissions are eligible to win multiple prizes. For example, an adventure that did not win the grand prize could win Best Writing, Best Art, Best Layout, and Best Adventure, and would receive $700 plus one copy of the book.


  • Brian Colin - Infinite Black/Creature Curation, Vast Grimm Creator @theBrianColin
  • Jason Hunt- Pirate Borg Ex Libris Curator @Hexeter
  • Bridgette Jeffries - Coordinator of Events and Outreach at Chaosium & Miskatonic Repository Curator @SymphonyEntert
  • Brett O’Donnell - Pirate Borg Ex Libris Curator @brettod
  • Doug Shute - Free League Publishing, Victory Condition Gaming @DougVCGaming
  • Luke Stratton - Limithron, Pirate Borg Creator @Limithron
  • Tyler Stratton - Limithron Quartermaster

Rules & Guidelines

  • No purchase necessary to join. 
  • No submissions that may be considered racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or discriminatory. No depictions of slavery or sexual violence. Final say is in the hands of our judges, and entries that we feel do not abide by this will not be considered for prizes or printed in the book.
  • Entries the judges deem as “low effort” may be disqualified. Basically, don’t upload crap just to get free stuff or your entry will walk the plank!
  • Content should be new and previously unpublished, and submissions must be the under the sole ownership of its creator(s).
  • Submissions should be designed specifically for Pirate Borg RPG and the Dark Caribbean setting.
  • Submissions should be in English.
  • Public domain and creative commons art are allowed, and “kit bashing” is encouraged. Please include attribution where applicable.
  • No MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT, or similar AI content is allowed. This jam is about people making stuff for people.
  • Participants may submit to more than one category, and should combine multiple submissions in the same category into a collection, but we strongly urge quality over quantity. For example, if you make 10 monsters, you should submit a 10 page monster bestiary, not 10 submissions.
  • Creators are welcome and encouraged to team up with other creators, and there is a forum and thread on our Discord server for this purpose. For example, writers looking for artist and vise versa.
  • Submissions must abide by both the Mörk Borg and Pirate Borg 3rd party publisher licenses. These licenses should be included as an extra page in your submission, but will be included opposite of the cover page in the printed book and do not need to be worked into the main layout of your submission.
  • All submissions for consideration in the printed book should be formatted for A5 paper size with a 5mm bleed. Template files are provided below. Also see the Pirate Borg Design Primer.
  • Active Limithron Patreon subscribers are welcome to use maps and assets from the Limithron Patreon. Watermarks are still required per the Limithron patreon commercial license, but they will be removed for submissions that are printed in the book. See the Limithron Commercial Creator License for more details.
  • Winners that receive over $600 USD in prize money will need to submit a W-9 tax form and they will receive a 1099 at the beginning of 2025.
  • The organizers and judges reserve the right to disqualify any entries they deem to not meet these rules and guidelines. 

Files and Links

All submissions should be formatted for print on A5 sized paper. Submissions that will be included in the book should have a 5mm bleed, use the CMYK color space, and avoid having more than 300% ink coverage on any single page. If you don't understand any of this, don't worry! We will help format all documents that are going to print.

Limithron's PIRATE BORG Design Primer

PIRATE BORG Free Fonts Dropbox Link

Lulu A5 DesignTempates (InDesign, PDF, MS Word)

"Compatible With Pirate Borg" Logos

For questions, advice, or comments, please join Limithron's Ship of the Dead Discord Server or email support  A T limithron D O T com"

One Last Thing...