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Frauki's Adventure - AlphaView game page

Alpha! A melee combat platformer where you journey to the bottom of a strange and mysterious world.
Submitted by Preece — 2 days, 22 hours before the deadline

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I lost over a solid hour to this game having fun in it's current state. Most of the enemies can be trivialized with throwing your blade but the exploration was extremely satisfying. I managed to get the basically 'handout' red and the purple gem before I called it quits (I was hoping the maiden would acknowledge that I got the purple but she never did). I think I was close to getting the green but I never found a way to get to it (I remember a purple gem door somewhere but I wasn't able to find it again.)

Sometimes when throwing the blade it would come back and just spin in the middle of Frauki without her grabbing it again. It took jumping around and moving quite a bit to get her to recollect the weapon. While not necessarily game breaking it did lead to taking unnecessary damage when the blade came back but I was unable to actually grab it to continue defending myself in the middle of a fight.

Lastly thank you for making a standalone executable. In all of the previous iterations of the game (browser) I was unable to play it because of drastic fps issues. I had zero slowdown while playing this time and was able to enjoy the game properly. Thank you for sharing your game! Goodluck with your devving!
p.s. As a side note I would have liked to have an apple counter somewhere to display how many I was holding onto.


Thanks!!!! The baton weapon is still WIP. I need to make all the enemies properly react to it, so it doesn't make them all so easy. 

Apple counter is also broken right now. UI programming makes me :(. but I'll get that fixed for you ;)


A fun game, I got really engaged learning all the enemies' strategies and exploring. I didn't clear all of it, as I eventually got to a door in the Depths that couldn't be used (I encountered plenty of these), but I couldn't leave the room normally either.

I ran into a problem where the first hammer enemy (to the left of the spawn once you unlock his door) managed to hit me through the door that all the turrets guard, so I got to sequence break with that. Aside from that my main gripe was the lack of reward for exploring. I never figured out what the yellow orbs were for, and even though I explored somewhere around 6 or 7 different areas I never figured out where the other three crystals might be. Health-up orbs were rare after the first few areas and I found a green shield orb that I never figured out what it did.

I think I had FPS issues, given how smooth other people's videos look. All that aside, it was a fun experience once I got into a groove.


I watched a stream that had this game being played last night. The most noticable thing about it was that the sound effects did not match the level of graphics it had. I could definitely tell you generated them using BFXR, which isn't a problem in itself, but they produce Atari/NES type sounds, not something you would expect from a SNES+ level game. I would refer you to which has nothing but free royalty free sounds that you can use to improve your game's audio department. Good job on what I saw, though! The game looks pretty fluid and fun.


Oh cool! Thanks. What was the stream?


It was Vladark's stream from the AGDG discord.


Here's a video with some gameplay of your game, recording it with game capture in OBS didn't work so I had to use monitor capture. which made the keyboard overlay I have been using for the gameplay videos to not work for some reason.

Enjoy, I didn't get through all of it but the video was getting pretty long already.


Repeating my comments here:

Was my first time trying this out. Been having fun with this overall. I was fortunate enough to have a PC that plays this game without any stuttering fps. Combat is fun. I'm ok with the slow attacks because all you need is proper timing. Movement is fun. Once I got comfortable with the controls (I use a ps4 controller) I was zipping past the levels as fast as I can.

I suspect I was traversing these levels from the other end which I think was not intended, because one time I got stuck in some lower area and the way out was some tricky jumping (it wasn't really too far up, the ledge I need to jump to just feels like it was out of reach), but I think I was supposed to start from the top and then fall down there.

I like that the enemy with the sword who can deflect anything you throw at it looks difficult at first but just throw your boomerang and make it land behind him and he's easy to defeat. Stuff like that is what makes the game interesting.

From the entrance, I didn't check out the right part of the stage the first time around, so I totally missed that green fairy who seems to be my main objective for the whole game.

I think the only thing missing at this point is some Castlevania style world map the player can check to get his bearings.

Some few more thoughts: yeah the cover art looks like the main character is in an awkward pose. I'm also wondering why she looks like she's dressed for gym class.


Is that break-a-neck fighting style is see on the cover art?

It feels like you need to stop with whatever you're doing with the game and get back to the basic systems and make sure they work, because they sure as hell did not work for me.

Movement is floaty, your attacks send you flailing through the air, you can grab invisible walls (with the weirdest fucking ledge grab animation ever, is she turning 360 degrees and walking away?) and you can climb walls with the ball-roll.

Then for some reason there's an insane slowdown whenever you hit an enemy or an enemy hits you which coupled with you flailing your pixel body 40 meters culminates in you getting stuck in walls.

Turn off the graphics and make sure your core game works, please.


Can you compare your experience to this video:

I've noticed on some computers the game gets really weird physics problems, especially around the time slow-down effect.


Ok, back at it again with Frauki. I wanted to make a video but obs with this annihilates my memory use.

Fluid feeling still there, basically all my gushing about that was said last time so I'll save it..

Glad you got rid of the needless tutorial text.

Kind of wish there was a faster, weak attack. Especially for these extremely obnoxious hornets! But I understand that you want to emphasize satisfying large hits. Very frustrating for some situations though.

Every time I die I keep coming back to this zone and not being able to exit. Did I do that debug mode thing again?

Also I'm using my controller as of typing this now and I like it much better. ps4 works well.

mother fuck these robots to the left are hard. I miss being able to cheese everything through walls :( just kidding... glad you fixed that (I think, I'm not getting as far as I did last time).

I enjoy that I find use in all of the different moves for different scenarios. 

Also forgot to mention I'm glad you made a download. Everything is a decent step up from last demo.

All in all, I'm excited for whenever you decide to release the full thing, good luck!


I remember playing this awhile back, and the juice and feel of it has only gotten better. I would recommend doing something though like instead of just having a question mark for interact, have an up arrow or whatever button interact is mapped to. Additionally, for going in and out of doors, maybe have a short animation of frauki walking into the door instead of just fading in and fading out. These are both a matter of preference, though. The c attack honestly kinda reminds me of Skeleton Boomerang as well, which I would recommend checking out when you get the chance. Keep up the awesome work!