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Frauki's Adventure - AlphaView game page

Alpha! A melee combat platformer where you journey to the bottom of a strange and mysterious world.
Submitted by Preece — 33 minutes, 18 seconds before the deadline

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Frauki's Adventure - Alpha's page

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Please check out the current thread, Preece. I've a question for you before I can start playing this game and you're the last one on my list, thanks.


Ok, first time playing this. Right off the bat it looks really gorgeous, considering animation and graphics it feels really polished. Movement feels pretty good, it's fairly easy to get around. At points I had problem with the ledge grab, at least at points where I had to scale a wall upwards jumping from side to side.

There seem to be some points in the game where I could reach my weapon through walls to either kill enemies or destroy crystals.

The level design is pretty good, lots of variation throughout the map and corridors. The short cut system is pretty nice, but even when you have that it gets pretty tedious to return to the start upon death.

I died constantly, I think I was just was pretty lousy at the combat tbh, but I think the combat was a bit sluggish which was for me a big problem when I had to fight in tight spaces.

Hey man, would love to give ol' Frauki's Adventure a go but all I'm getting is "the developer has not uploaded a game yet" on the game page.


Whoops. Try it now.

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Alright! So I want to say I had about as much of a go as I was willing, so take this with a pinch of salt:

Art: Polished to a T. Loved the animation pacing, value range, all those technical tidbits. Honestly, good work, everything reads.

Mechanics: Also polished to a T! That roll and punish system is honestly more than enough, focusing on hard hitting combat over extravagances was a good choice.

Level design: I mean I assume it's just a demo thing, but everything did feel very "quashed together". Maybe it gets better, I only put 10 minutes into the game because...

Performance: I got a black screen only on Chrome, Firefox and even Edge, and it only ran in Internet Explorer 10. Gamepad support refused to proc and if I held down the arrow keys in any direction ol' Frauki rolled like a madman. Continuously, forever. Browsers are an arse and a half to deal with so, uh, good luck with that. Might just be an edge case, what can you do.

Good work, though! Looks like this one has been around awhile.

EDIT: Please discard all of this, I came back to the Firefox tab I left up for 15 minutes and it worked perfectly.

I guess my major piece of feedback would be to add a loading screen.


Thanks so much for trying it out. Loading screen incoming!

  • God I love a good while-rising slash and while falling-slash differentiation. 
  • These animations are fantastic, all around
  • I think this "can't open from this side, but can from the other" didn't need to be said, you make it pretty clear with the visual
  • Am I mistaken that this has to be played in browser? If it does, that's a shame! I just don't ever prefer in-browser
  • Such pretty lighting effects. Again, the visuals are so good
  • The platforming aspects feel great, and I enjoy moving around very much!
  • The portrait of the big forest spirit lookin lady is very different from what she actually looks like. She moreso looks exactly like the MC in the portrait. 
  • just discovered the downward stab, so cool!
  • I'm only being nitpicky now because this game seems so well-polished, and frankly fantastic so far: I keep confusing the dirt-esque texture with a background, I'd say because there's no clear outline. Pic for reference: 

^ This might just be my terrible eyesight and you can take it with a grain of salt.

  • unsure how saves work. Died to the hornet/crawly bug dude combo in the pit, ended up at the beginning. Died to them again (I'm bad) and ended up just outside their domain.
  • shortcut tooltip appeared again when returning to the original zone even though I had already seen it from the prior shortcut
  • heart tooltip only appeared for like 1/4 of a second for me: 

  • respawning here put me nearly inside the enemies' hitboxes before I could react. But maybe I'm just a huge baby whiner: (also doesn't really matter considering you get healed right after this)

I'm cheesing this guy from underground: 

  • Q to eat an apple is not working for me, but V worked. (your site says Q)
  • Ok this time there was no cheese, and it was a very fun fight... BUT, I didn't take damage, even when he hit me: 
  • Yeah I'm not taking damage from any sources now
  • I'm so entranced in the exploration that I'm forgetting to type anything! I absolutely love shortcut-style progression. The feeling of opening a new one never gets old. So satisfying to play this game all around, and I am already a big fan. Praying for a later exe version!

Biggest problem is this invulnerable glitch. I may have tapped a debug key or something while looking for the apple button. It still hasn't gone away and I just defeated this robotic enemy.

Good luck and I hope you stick with this to the end! Love it. SO GOOD

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thanks so much for this excellent feedback! Sorry about the glitches :(. I think think spawning in weird spots, as well as the invincibility, is some debug stuff. Q will save your current position, I use that to spawn over and over again in certain spots when I'm testing. W clears that. And O makes you invincible. Refreshing should clear the invincibility.

  • -I have seen so many people get confused about the dirt! You're not alone! I need to adjust the colors more.
  •  There will definitely be an executable for the final version. It's all written in Javascript, but I can package the JS code with webkit to create an executable. Sorry I didn't have that together for the demo day.
  •  Ill update the control list :D
  • The Goddess portrait is temporary, I don't have a more detailed one quite yet. 

Yes, I definitely hit QWERTYUIOP while trying to use the apple hahaha. Caused all of those oddities then.