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Go fast, get revenge
Submitted by sevencrane (@sevencrane) — 1 day, 10 hours before the deadline

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Game Name/
Puts me in a shit mood for a game.

Main menu:
-Game freezes entirely when window is not focused, I'm playing in windowed, making it weird
-"Continue" is available even though I've never played before, screams "AMATEUR"

-Arrows + Z + Space is ancient controls of flash times, let me use WASD + whatever
-Typewriter sound is grating
-Let me mash whatever keys I want to skip text pls
-Don't give me new controls in the same format as the conversation UI, I always skip that trash until I'm invested, which is not at the tutorial, now all I saw was "press X", why? idk, how do I check? too late, nice
-Touching the enemy dealing damage is the cheapest and most frustrating challenge
-In fact, the first enemy already tells me how the game is gonna go: enemies do some patterns, they don't really care what you do, you survive and hit when they lock in to a weak mode; this makes me immediately disinterested: I want reactions to my actions
-Died on first enemy, tabbed out, tabbed in, was running into air, stuck, had to restart
-Oh "press X to use sword", good thing it's not X, but Z 
-Boss hits you when you're 3 pixels out of range, allowing you to kill without taking damage 
-pink clouds are amazing
-the sea doesn't fit the aesthetic
-don't restart before getting new shit, I don't want to sit through the same animations
-flying ventilator
-why can I hear the conversation of people behind a glass? better be lore reasons and no lazy storytelling
-fuck you and your touching damage
------tut passed
-when falling, hold the window bar, falling anim glitches out
-falling has no progress, no idea if I'm stuck (product of glitchiness up to now)
-oh I played this before -- that means I complained about the zip, and you still fucked up, fuck you
-SHIFT+Z, what are you smoking? controls so bad, I'd have quit if not for the plugged in controller I had for my own game testing
-respawn me in the boat if I started it when landing in water pls
-got killed by the sea lady bullshit
-I'm not reading all that text, it better not be important and stop freezing my game for it

Love the aesthetics and the stylistic direction, but hate your mecahnics choices. Touching water or enemies is too frustrating for me to master because it feels cheap. 


Well, the good news is that I'm about to remove the instant touch damage. I'm curious about your desire for feedback in combat though - you would want the bosses and enemies to flinch? Or are you just thinking along the lines of interrupted attacks?

The "Press X to attack" comment was because you had a controller plugged in, and I erroneously assumed that if someone had a controller plugged in they were going to use it over the keyboard. In the next  update I'll let the keyboard take precedence if it's the most recent input source.

As always, thanks for the incredibly detailed comments and bug reports. It's all valid. Except for the directory stuff, just click "extract to win_exe/" next time you cranky bastard


The zipping is the most important thing here. You're wasting clicks of every single one of the people downloading this game. Do the work yourself and save us time. ZIP THE FOLDER.

I in general don't play fighting heavy games, so maybe the static pattern enemies are common, but the one I did like was Dark Souls. I want the enemies to respond mechanically to what you're doing, which could be attack cancelling, switching to something else, taking longer etc. It's not fun when you're yelling at an animating wall, and if you do it when the dev wants you to, wall breaks.

Switch the text based on the last used input method for best results. 


Fine, I'll add it to my upload script. Also I get what you're saying about enemies, and I'm glad we're on the same page. I've tried a few different routes in implementing enemy AI, but now that I finally have one I'm comfortable with I can make their moves more interesting.

I was considering using a recurrent neural net for them as a potential alternative, but I don't think that would be fun for me or the player.


In the WebGL version the "ability get" graphic and text are too large for the window. The enemies also seem fairly hard (first took me a couple of tries, the big mech I couldn't beat at all). I also don't know how I feel about touching an enemy = immediately taking damage, especially with the sword range being so small. I feel like I took more damage from trying to hit the enemy than the enemy actually hitting me. Overall though the controls feel very tight, I like the style, and I want to play more but unfortunately am not that good at it.


Glad you liked it, and sorry the difficulty curve is initially too steep. You're on the same page as a few other people though, so I'm going to tone it down.


Nice and responsive.

Unfortunately, I'm not good at these reflex-based games so I didn't get past the mecha enemy in the tutorial scene (I only defeated the first enemy with one heath left).  I wonder if you're not scaling the difficulty too fast, since in other games of this genre that I have played I was able to get much further.

That said, i really liked the item pickup animation and sound. Although it's a bit over the top, I was very satisfied.  I took it to be a sort of parody of the over-the-top animations you see in video games, that it was a game that didn't take itself so damn seriously. This had a good feeling about it.


Thanks! I was thinking about slightly tweaking Gray's windup speed, so it's nice to know other people are on the same page.

And yeah, originally this game was going to be very serious but I think lightening the tone helped a lot.


I encountered a few bugs too:

I don't know if it was the same bug as the natural world had, but dying against the lady of the lake left me stuck without being able to do anything (this happened twice, my third death was normal). Opening the esc menu afterwards also resulted in the quit and resume buttons not doing anything. Thanks to your autosave and continue I didn't lose any progress though, so thanks for that! I also found the hidden door in deep town below Lauren's house Onimu found, the one with the bottomless pit, although I didn't have to restart the game, I got reset to deep town after restarting. It was unclear to me at first that after fixing my eyes, Lauren wanted to use the elevator on the other side of the lake, all she still said was to place the heart in the thing, so I was confused at first until I found the elevator. In the night market, after entering the subway, I managed to make the subway cursor disappear and couldn't make it come back. Going back to deep town via subway and the sludge temple resulted in resetting the Lauren cutscene in the elevator. It also resets Flynn and Richter's stuff after that. Richter never wanted to fight me, I just suddenly had the fake metro pass and I'm unsure when that happened (I did pick up an item before talking to Richter, was that the pass?). Dashing down in weather station 7 near the train made me fall through the floor and enter an infinite-death-loop where I didn't lose any lives since I was still invincible. After that I couldn't figure out what to do, I collected all the items in the sludge temple, visited all the train locations, but couldn't find what's next. Did I overlook something/get softlocked or was the demo over after that? Also one last thing, the UI doesn't scale well with the game resolution, the item menu had most items outside of the screen when I played with 1280x720 in windowed mode at first.

This may sound like a lot but none of it was really game-breaking. I loved the story and the characters, especially Flynn near the end, he looks like a fun character, I'd love to see more of him. The graphics were gorgeous as always, especially the locations near the ocean, the initial test lab and weather station 7. Didn't have any problems with the combat either. It felt responsive and I always felt in control, even dashing through levels, which was great. Had a good time with it.


I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the bug reports as well. I really gotta revisit the dying stuff, that's ancient code from when I started this project and I think I need to just rewrite it. Also the UI scaling, and the lack of walls around the ocean

Also, to clarify, you did indeed reach the end of the demo once you got to the night market. I was trying to finish the second Richter fight in time for the demo, but it wasn't happening so I just put the metro card next to her so you could take it and then ride the subways around. I'll make it clearer for the next revision of this demo.

Submitted (5 edits) (+1)

Damn. this is so dang polished and together. The mechanics are tight, responsive to a fault, and just plain fun to play with. The story and dialogue were surprisingly good; I like the world you're building. I don't think you need me to tell you this but this shit is genuinely beautiful.

but here's some junk I found:

In the tutorial if you dodge grey's attacks and stay close to him he just gets locked there doing the same attack over and over again and never dashes. not sure if that's intentional but it was very easy to beat without getting hit.

When I got stopped by Tara's first dialogue a slime just pounced on me over and over again.

Leaving lauren's house teleports you to the front of deep town, not sure if that's intended.

If you press up while sitting on a bench you sit on the bench again.

I dashed and exited at the same time through the exit door from where you fight the lady of the lake and it launched me across the screen at dash speed. I just flew over the sludge you take the boat over and then got stuck on a ledge. Eventually I figured out that opening and closing the inventory stopped me and fixed it. 

Can't select train stations with the keyboard while at weather station 7. had to use the mouse. also I couldn't figure out how to exit a train prompt, but that might be me being dumb.

The hidden door in deep town took me to an infinite pit? it said lauren's house, but i don't think it's lauren's house.
had to alt+F4 to get out of that. When I hit continue I just went right back in there, so I had to restart from the beginning. also the collisions are really weird in that hidden area and it's hard as heck to actually get out once you're in there.

oh also after entering that door a second time I quit out really fast and it didn't save my location there so I was able to load back in deep town. but I had 2 less energy and my money counter said $0 instead of what I actually had.

anyway, I love it. great work dude.


Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, I really appreciate it. I've noted all the bugs (and fixed a few!) but I'm glad nothing was super game-breaking. 

I actually don't have an option to exit the subway prompt right now. Once you get in you have to travel somewhere. I should probably fix that.


hell yeah dude what a game

one bug i found (mac) was that dying in the tutorial to the robot dude had me stuck in the air without being able to move but that only happened once


Duly noted, thanks. Nice avatar by the way, that's a great album.


got some bugs here and there, nothing too major. windows version

only managed to leave the store menu by pressing TAB, and after that "meditation" thing that sends you to the white room the character wouldnt stand back up again, after pressing ESC and then resume to keep playing the character did stand up instantly. Then when I wanted to quit the game I simply couldnt, the quit wasnt working.

Outside of that, I found the hitboxes of the second enemy (before going to the depths) to be a bit off the moment he did the first slash then swirled his weapon to nail it to the ground, in that swirl it seems that it has a lot more range then it should, I kept being hit even being out of range (going by the sprite). Maybe its because the animation is fast and it did hit me, if so maybe keep the trail of the sword a little longer to be easier to tell his range.

The rest seemed fine, very smooth, nice clean visuals with their own look. Also liked the pacing, some focus on the dialog and story but not too much where it drags on and on and on....

Good sfx, very crunchy. They did seem to repeat for multiple purposes, if possible try to change that.

Certainly have something very good here. I liked it.


Nice catch on the sword spinning hitbox, it was indeed way too far forwards. I'll also revisit the saving/quit menu, and eventually generate some unique sounds.

Glad you liked it! I look forward to playing your game again.