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Vapor TrailsView game page

a speedy cyberpunk metroidvania
Submitted by sevencrane (@sevencrane) — 1 day, 8 hours before the deadline

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Your menu would greatly improve if you used the Event System to navigate it with Gamepad.


Love the art, how long have you been doing pixel art?


thanks! 5 years on and  off, although I only seriously started doing it when I started making this game. you can see the original art here.


-Put your files in a folder, zip the folder, upload
-Pls no mixels, the title doesn't fit at all
-The jumping sound is sound mixels, horrible
-Controls feel great
-I was never a fan of touching spikes and them damaging you
-Z to attack is not comfortable using WASD
-Leap down attacks could be cool
-You have two "Press UP to interact." signs
-Default text typing is way too slow
-Secret paths are nice
-You can fly infinitely into a wall
-Finding all the sludges is too punishing, allow leaving a couple
-Not sure why is water damaging me
-Died in the water, reset all the way back

It's a solid platformer.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the review Rokas.

- I had no idea WASD was even an option, but it would explain why people don't like the controls (they were designed for Shift/Z/X and arrow keys)
- by "title" did you just mean the title screen, or the headline that appears when you enter a level?
- sound mixels lol
- what do you mean about the spikes? you want to have to fall on them to take damage? if so, that's fair
- i'll make the water seem more dangerous and text faster

aside from that, most of the bugs/problems you mentioned I've fixed this week. the death reset thing especially will be gone forever now that I made save points.


I just couldnt become friends with the controls. Especially the wall jumping combined with  the vertical boost? I just mashed jump until it shot past the spinning traps.

Applied to the downloadable version it would sometimes just trigger long dashes which i guess is a feature but it's a bit unclear what triggers what. Also I couldnt trigger the fight at the lake? Unless there isnt suppose to be one. I took the boat over and nothing happened. 

Also i dont know if it's my machine or mono but inputs felt a bit sluggish and i never felt that i have full control which is quite important in a game like this.

Base sprites and dash effects are very cool, overall very nice palette with this neon scifi thing. I also like the Cave Story esque town sequence, it will be a nice break from the fighting. Good job, will follow this.

Developer (1 edit)

Thanks for the feedback, especially the vertical movement (which is new). I think I'll revisit it. 

The long dash is triggered if you hold shift, tapping it will perform a normal dash.  Also, the missing boss fight is due to a race condition in game state checks; I have a patch ready but haven't applied it yet. 

re the controls, they work fine on my machine :^)

Thanks for playing! 


I guessed as much. Will try next version too. Regarding the movement i really miss some acceleration and deaccleration, especially when in the air. right now it feels very binary (either be in fast movement horizontally or be still). Just my opinion, up to you in the end. 


Air movement is tricky. I'm actually leaning towards more snappy movement, but I'll refine it. I have a large patch that I want to release before PrettySober's stream this weekend.


Here you go!


I have so many notes from this video, thank you so much.

One of the biggest ones is the vertical momentum - I made it additive for fun but you and the other commenter made it pretty clear that it's a bad idea, so I'll take it out.

There are a few bugs that I know about and have a fix for in the next patch, including:

  • the jet noise lingering after a super dash (forgot to turn off the sound when the dash is interrupted as opposed to canceled by the player)
  • the weird platform behavior (dumb error, it was a raycast from the player's center instead of each collider corner)
  • the wrong exit from Deep Town back to the first caves area (moved elements around to make that quasi-tutorial error and I missed the exit spawn point)

Aside from that, your feedback in general on the movement and NPC interaction is invaluable.  I should have made a few things clearer, like that Tara wants you to kill the sludges and that the lever to open the door to the boss fight is on the roof of Lauren's house.

Thanks again for the video.

Happy to help!


nice controls, had fun moving around. interested to see what you'll do with enemies and combat in general.


Download the full version and you can find out right now :^)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

although i don't know what to do when im in the small village, the gameplay feels great (especially for speedruns), art style/aesthetics seems good

i see the potencial for a great metroidvania here

Developer (1 edit)

The web version is a very bugged with game states, but the general flow is supposed to be village -> gather lore about monster -> fight monster -> go back to village to get eyes fixed -> go to elevator. 

Thanks for the feedback though. I've actually been thinking more and more about doing speedrun-friendly things like dash cooldown mechanics and cutscene skipping.

Edit: converted the web version to a platforming time attack