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A jam entry

Eternal DreamsView game page »

A short, story-driven RPG initially created for IGMC 2017!
Submitted by Prince Arcane with 35 minutes, 18 seconds before the deadline

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A graduate of the Xenogears school of video game endings, I see. That was pretty fun!


Lord Kuro - I'd say by our names we'd get along pretty well :P First, thanks a lot for playing and for leaving a comment!

The sad thing is I actually own Xenogears but have never played it (I was given it as a gift many years after the game was released, so I didn't have easy access to a PS). Although I hope that's a positive (in regards to the ending), definitely don't hesitate to let me know if it's not since it's actually not how I wanted to present the ending :) I only had half the time so I ended up having to push the story into the ending much, much more quickly than intended (the game length should be 2-3 hours), but I wanted the judges to get the opportunity to see how the chapter would end (rather than an abrupt 'game-not-finished' ending) :) I created this story just for this contest, but I liked it enough that if it seems there's interest (and/or if it's well received by the judges) I'll continue the story since I have already thought out a substantial part of the the remaining chapters. 

Again, I really do appreciate you giving it a try especially since I know there are so many games out there to play (and I know playing someone's first try is always... Well, risky...)!

I was just talking about how it became text at the end. It's probably a bad thing in a finished product, but when you have a tight deadline you gotta do what you gotta do. I'd certainly be interested in playing a longer version!


Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm actually glad to hear that (assuming the content itself was okay) - that entire thing is supposed to actually be played out over 1-2 (or more) hours with full player exploration, dialogue, cutscenes (which effectively extends the game about 4 times, I played through multiple times with different pacing and averaged about 35-45 minutes a playthrough with the current version uploaded). I actually have more content in the game that is already implemented but not connected (including a puzzle with a Haiku) that I had to cut since I couldn't reasonably piece it in. But yes, definitely agree with you - ultimately I made the decision to provide a quick ending vs an abrupt drop with no closure at all for this version. 

Again, thank you for playing and the feedback, I hope you enjoyed it and definitely am extending the game :)