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A jam entry

Eternal DreamsView game page »

A short, story-driven RPG initially created for IGMC 2017!
Submitted by Prince Arcane with 1 hour, 35 minutes before the deadline

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Ranked 86th with 2 votes

People's Choice Vote#862

Judge feedback

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  • 47/80

    Gameplay was reasonably fun, except for the fact that there was an Uncaught Error: Header is Wrong error in two separate battles that forced a restart. A nice touch to include an optional objectives section for quests.

    While not an 'original' concept, I enjoyed it. The writing was fun and I enjoyed what I saw even if it was shortened quite a bit and thus losing some of the impact. You can kill the weird mushroom before it finishes saying everything, but it will keep talking.

    The graphics are nice to look at and for the most part, sensible. The audio fits relatively well as well. The game, despite being fun, did not leave a particularly strong impact.

    Game has potential, but needs to fix the bugs or figure out some way to ensure the bugs do not occur. Also, this demo was disappointingly short.

  • This was interesting and pretty fun but by the end, it felt like a bunch of ideas were being tested out rather than a cohesive whole. Adventuring in the dream world was fun and the battles were well-balanced with interesting skills for the characters, but then all of a sudden it turned into a school sim with quests and changing relationships with other characters. After that, the big twist comes almost as an afterthought. It seems like all the things meant to be included in this game made it a little too huge for a month-long contest. Still, it was a nice start and entertaining to play.

    Score: 48/80

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(Edited 2 times)

Ah that was sad.. I totally didn't see that ending coming (tho I guess I should have lol)
I really liked this. The maps, the art, the battles, the characters.. everything was really good!
The story was what really pulled me in however. It's very intriguing.
I'm already looking forward to playing more! :) 


Thank you very much for playing and for the positive feedback! 

The way the ending was played out isn't at all how I wanted to present it, but I wanted to give the judges an idea of where the story was going (rather than have the game just end due to lack of time). I'm already reworking things substantially since I want to present this in a much better format and presentation (from minor things like using a non-standard font and adjusting dialogue, to major things like entirely new features and better gameplay design), and there's a lot more to each of the characters I'd like to unveil along with a lot more things for players to interact with and do (I already have several sidequests and puzzles added, for example)! 

I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, and hope you'll enjoy the next upload and eventually the full version! The ending to this one should have been somewhat surprising - but I will say it goes really deep even beyond this, and I'm excited to have players experience the world and characters in future versions and games to come!

Thanks again!

A graduate of the Xenogears school of video game endings, I see. That was pretty fun!


Lord Kuro - I'd say by our names we'd get along pretty well :P First, thanks a lot for playing and for leaving a comment!

The sad thing is I actually own Xenogears but have never played it (I was given it as a gift many years after the game was released, so I didn't have easy access to a PS). Although I hope that's a positive (in regards to the ending), definitely don't hesitate to let me know if it's not since it's actually not how I wanted to present the ending :) I only had half the time so I ended up having to push the story into the ending much, much more quickly than intended (the game length should be 2-3 hours), but I wanted the judges to get the opportunity to see how the chapter would end (rather than an abrupt 'game-not-finished' ending) :) I created this story just for this contest, but I liked it enough that if it seems there's interest (and/or if it's well received by the judges) I'll continue the story since I have already thought out a substantial part of the the remaining chapters. 

Again, I really do appreciate you giving it a try especially since I know there are so many games out there to play (and I know playing someone's first try is always... Well, risky...)!

I was just talking about how it became text at the end. It's probably a bad thing in a finished product, but when you have a tight deadline you gotta do what you gotta do. I'd certainly be interested in playing a longer version!


Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm actually glad to hear that (assuming the content itself was okay) - that entire thing is supposed to actually be played out over 1-2 (or more) hours with full player exploration, dialogue, cutscenes (which effectively extends the game about 4 times, I played through multiple times with different pacing and averaged about 35-45 minutes a playthrough with the current version uploaded). I actually have more content in the game that is already implemented but not connected (including a puzzle with a Haiku) that I had to cut since I couldn't reasonably piece it in. But yes, definitely agree with you - ultimately I made the decision to provide a quick ending vs an abrupt drop with no closure at all for this version. 

Again, thank you for playing and the feedback, I hope you enjoyed it and definitely am extending the game :)