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A jam entry

CinderEllardView game page »

An enjoyable fairy tale for all ages(made for IGMC2017)...
Submitted by GinDjinn with 1 hour, 51 minutes before the deadline

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rpg maker

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Well, you weren't kidding about the crazy! I tend to take things seriously, so some of this feedback might be of no use to you, but I thought I'd share my opinion anyway!

Your maps could be a little mixed, but overall they all blended well and really looked like they were straight from a fairytale storybook. There's quite a few tiling errors though, most noticeable here 

and here, and some plants I forget to screenshot.

I'm not overly fond of the mixed art styles for the characters and battlers, but each individual piece was nice. The skill sequences were really well done, but other than that, I didn't really see the point in your random encounters. It was quite difficult to see which character was actually being selected in the battle HUD, and none of them really offered much in the way of a challenge.

The healing items were ridiculously balanced, where's the advantage of having something that restores 2,500HP when none of the characters had over 100HP? There was also a weird square symbol in each of the descriptions where I assume the line break was. The items themselves were unique and fun though. I did still have an onion in my inventory that wasn't removed from cooking. 

Apart from the ninja, I didn't get why some characters would disappear after talking to them and it looked a little buggy. There were a fair few typos around, including an extra space needed for money. 

I enjoyed it more as I got further in. The npcs in the castle were a lot of fun to interact with, and the ending was bittersweet in the way that I was sad to leave the world behind. None of the characters particularly stood out to me though, they were all a bit too random and it wasn't really my kind of humour. It was a refreshing breeze from the large number of games that take themselves too seriously though, so I'd say it's worth playing for anyone whose fed up of all the dark lords and demons, and wants a bit of childlike wonder and craziness. Took about 50 mins :)