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A jam entry

Lost and ForgottenView game page »

A hero's final fight goes awry and changes his life forever.
Submitted by ZephyrAM with 11 hours, 53 minutes before the deadline

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Team Members
Zephyr Moore

RPG Maker MV

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You've got some really nice features in this game. :D I'm a huge fan of abs, and I like the gamepad functionality too! Your gamepad config doesn't actually appear if you open the options via the title screen though, and I felt the controls in the splash scene needed to last longer. I'd possibly just recommend having that picture the first thing on a new game, and letting the player close it when they've had a chance to wrap their head around the buttons.

Unfortunately, I did run into a game ending bug in the battle with the guardian. I ran up to the crystal, got a message about my head hurting and then got stuck. The battle continued, but I wasn't taking any damage and couldn't move, so I tried to restart from my save and kept getting a TypeError that crashed the game. I tried to play again to test if there was a button that was causing the type error, and realised I can back jump over the tile trigger and so skip the guardian, (though I can't do anything in the map.)


Did notice a few minor bugs, there's two sprites of Dagon in the intro when he calls the demon, and a typo at the start of the prison scene, it should be "the accursed thing disarmED me."

I really appreciate the option to turn off lighting effects in the prison. Your story is interesting, and I feel quite bad for Lorrick. I think you could do with restoring MP/HP more often, possibly just on each new area as there seems to be currently no way to restore MP if you're terrible like me and waste it all.

It is pretty confusing to figure out what you're supposed to do. Whilst that does add to the atmosphere and help the player experience the game from Lorrick's point of view, I personally found it frustrating. I felt like I'd accidentally stumbled upon the answer instead of solving a puzzle, so if you asked me to play again I still wouldn't really know what I was doing xD

Overall, I'd give this a neutral rating. The concept is intruiging, although rather surreal. I'm disappointed to not see the end since I was interested in your characters. I have to give you props for the effort with plugins, though I felt like the abs difficulty wasn't quite balanced and the puzzles just weren't for me. 


Thanks for the feedback!

I'll definitely look into that game ending bug - it's not one I ever ran into, and I'm disappointed on your behalf XD.
Sounds like a bit more guidance wouldn't be amiss either. I assume you're talking about the second area (fog covered and full of spirits). Stuff to look into for revision, or if I use this for a more extended game.