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A jam entry

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Turn Based Strategy Game
Submitted by armoafro (@armoafro) with 1 day, 23 hours before the deadline

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I'm still planning to do a tactics RPG but I'm impressed so many people in the AGDG community are making them. Yours is coming along nicely, visually it's consistent. Gameplay feels good, I like the quickness of it, AI felt a little OP for my first fight, but overall pretty good.


Your user interface is very friendly. Able to control things very quickly. The skills that allow forceful unit movement adds strategic depth.

Only issues I see so far: I think I managed to lock up the game. An enemy unit with 1 HP died from the burn effect. Looks like his turn never ended so I'm just stuck. Everything's still running, it just doesn't move any further.

HP display for units becomes unreadable depending on zoom. Might make it have a set scale that it always stays at.

  • Nice to see another grid-based RPG! I'm jealous of your 3d-ness allowing you to rotate/tilt
  • You can't click the "Back" text on the back button but you can click the text on other buttons.
  • It took me a bit to figure out you can only use 1 Ability per turn. You probably already know, but I'd suggest graying out the ability icons when they're not available (as I'd often try clicking them, then think I'm targeting the ability when I'm instead still in the 'move' mode).
  • You can teleport for free as the Knight by selecting the Charge ability, mousing over and enemy (putting you next to them) then cancelling the Charge ability.
  • It's a bit annoying that a solo Knight can't out damage the heals of a Goblin Sage with Slash vs Soothe.
  • ScapeShift is pretty fun.
  • Overall I liked it, you've got a good foundation here. I'd play with the "height" thing a bit more, as that seems fairly unique, and user friendliness / polish (sounds!).