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Turn Based Fantasy RPG
Submitted by armoafro (@armoafro) — 55 seconds before the deadline

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Submitted (2 edits)

Finally a new version of ET! Let's play:

  • Where's 3440x1440 resolution? Max I can get is 1920x1200
  • When selecting Mother and the rest of the stats would be nice to see what each stat does. Ok once selected they appear on the right. They could appear even without selecting, then I'd know where to look.
  • What the hell is that brown hair color.
  • In Tutorial I used skill on empty tile. It got stuck. Then I clicked on target dummy and it passed that point.
  • Tooltips on skill groups get stuck 
  • Mousewheel scrolling in skill groups is painfully slow
  • Shield bash didn't show that my friendly unit will get damaged
  • In first fight last standing enemy Raider did nothing when it was single one left and I even had to skip his turn
  • "Avoid" is annoying. It's so intense having to miss an attack sucks. I think last time I played your game, I wrote that even having min-max range of damage was RNG-ey. This is even worse.
  • It seemed like last hitters got experience from kills. I wish XP was distributed by damage or at least observers got some XP. It's annoying to cheese or just powerlevel shitty units with last hits.
  • Pushed down dude with a shield bash down to water from multiple tiles height. It got damaged to 0 hp but didn't die. I couldn't kill him. Killed the rest of enemies, couldn't win the game.
  • Other characters were able to walk on water.
  • Being able to cast on empty tiles without any effect was meh - you could warn at least.
  • Shadow acne was visible on the ground - tweak your shadow settings.
  • I didn't really care about damage types. It was hard to read what armor enemies had and if damage type bonuses also affected HP

Generally UI is very complex. I guessed that big white percent number is a chance of avoidance, which was common and annoying. I wished I could fight a battle first before having to set up my characters - after first fight I was way more comfortable seeing what I need and what I don't need. 

I couldn't rotate my characters on the field which seemed like enemies could.

Not being able to reach some point on the map due to it being too far could still display path to it. Otherwise I need to guess where to go.

I like where this game is going, a bit overwhelming at first, but fun to play. It seems like combat in first version was more fun, maybe because each character had more skills. That's why characters had to skip turns and combat felt slow. And drop the random misses, that's not fun.

Also beefy characters are OP.


Excellent feedback. I've got lots of work to do.


Hey, you made it in time, and I don't wanna stress you with stuff but here is my list of annoyances:

-When casting a skill, pressing the skill button again or right click should "go back" to movement mode because sometimes I just want to see my aoe, just to make it quicker
-Choose which way to face when ending turn, FFTA did this I don't know why you didn't, if for you is another layer of depth and being careful with the way you move and face enemies is kind of meta at least make it an option that it can be done spending 1AP
-Why can't I equip magic shields to the scholar, or why I can't equip some weapons to some classes, specify what is for who, dunno if I missed it but seems kinda vital
-Some confirmation promp when choosing skills please, I missclicked and got a skill I didn't want would be nice if those are respeccable until you are done and move to the next area

Now with the bugs:

-Menus are quite fucked unless you play on 1920x1080, I was playing on 1440p and the shop list was hidden by the inventory screen, never found a way to hide it or move it, similar problems happened when I later played on windowed on a lower resolution than 1080p, at least they work on one resolution which is nice (oh okay I went now to read the game page and saw that you recommended 1080, ok sorry)
-I stopped playing because there is a fatal bug that happened 2 times on the second battle encounter where, if I killed a bloke after stabbing him with a spear two times in one turn, the UI vanished and never came back, making it unable to do anything at all, once fixed I'll play the rest of it

At least you have a build for this demoday which is great, wanna play the rest soon.


Uploading new version which should have fixed a few bugs now. I'll try to come up with a solution for the UI.


55 fucking seconds

jesus. congrats man.

i'll play this in a bit and then add my thoughts