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First Person SoarView game page

An experiment in first person bird controls
Submitted by Spencer Winson (@spencerwinson) — 1 day, 21 hours before the deadline

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love it!


awesome environment. reminds me of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and The Last of Us

great idea. will you make a game out of it?

I love the environment. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but I could see them being really great with a little practise. They just felt a little dull to me - I was tweaking the sticks to their extremes to get what felt like too little turning. But it's a great start at something very unique!

I didnt have a controller... I mentioned it in part 6 of my 7DFPS 2014 compilation video series, if you would like to take a look :)


Thanks for the comments and compliments folks. 

@nine baobabs: A single stick flight control scheme is a problem that in my mind has been solved, play Just Cause 2 or Saints Row 3/4 for example. My controls are definitely worse, but I'm trying to see if you can get a new form of game feel from it. Ideally, as you point out, it would have a greater amount of control because of the subtlety of using two sticks, but more work is needed till a get it there.

@curiousepic: All great suggestions. The "two sticks to the right to turn right" causes you to turn on the yaw (vertical) axis, and then the camera rolls slightly. Rolling sideways, than moving on your pitch (horizontal) axis is completely valid too, I think with further development I would find a system that combines those two ways of turning into soemthign that feels congrous. 

This feels really good. I hope you keep developing it.


Nice! I think wistfully about what the controls to a bird game would be like whenever I catch sight of one in real life.

I like the idea of separate controls for each wing, although it was difficult to feel at first blush if you gain any subtly of control over just a single joystick.

Also, I would totally pay some money for this.

Gorgeous!  I've always wanted such a simple game. 

I can't help myself from suggesting some ideas...

  • I feel like the flapping should give you more vertical lift than propel you forward, and forward motion would require gaining some height and then diving.
  • The control guide says to put both sticks to the side for a turn, but it seems best to put one stick up and the other down for a turn.
  • Given the above, any chance of a vertical axis inversion option? Turning feels reverse to me.
  • I would feel great to have flapping be analogue with the triggers - the flap occurs on release, with power in proportion to the depth it was pressed.