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A jam entry

MoGiSho (Moth Girl Shooter) [demo v_4]View game page »

Take flight, Death God, and bring back the Lunar Queen!
Submitted by WRIT (@ThirdKeyOfSun) with 10 hours, 29 minutes before the deadline


WRIT (View their submission) · 20 days ago

Thank you for giving the game a try! At the moment the novice character is extremely overpowered. The lives are the hearts and the bottles are your resource for bombing to cancel all enemy attacks. The novice character automatically uses a bomb to save herself if she takes a hit while she has some in stock. She needs to be balanced out but I wanted to get feedback on her before determining how harsh or lenient to be on that front. Hope you had at least a little fun and thank you for the feedback!

EXNDL (View their submission) · 20 days ago

game looks really nice really love the backgrounds, not really a shump player. i picked the "intended experience" and the novice character.

there was a lot going on the screen where i was never sure how much life i had i think towards the end of my session i noticed it might have been the bottles.

i didnt feel like the game punished me enough for making a mistake i felt like it didnt matter if i was getting hit or as long as i kept attacking

WRIT (View their submission) · 20 days ago

Thank you for playing! There definitely is a ton of work that still needs to be done. The HUD was experimental (I had some people say they wouldn't even bother playing because there used to be a flower motif there). In the future I will be implementing HUD plate options and I will definitely include a darker version of the one in this demo due to your feedback! Lots of SFX missing and/or missing finesse so I need to work on that. The idea about the hit sound changing is fantastic and I will have to look into that once I can create a decent sounding hit confirmation sound. Blue's shot type was originally a tracer/follow type composed of her sword fragments but she was excluded from the demo because I am still unhappy with her playstyle, so I am completely open to any changes, even shot type, until she feels right/fun. Thank you again for playing! I now have time to start downloading demos and I can't wait to try yours!

Sinoc (View their submission) · 20 days ago

Still pretty good.Way too easy for a normal difficulty (or maybe the th16 demo's just got me in the groove) and the sound effects and player feedback still need some work, like the shot hit sound deepening as the boss looses health or having the sides of the hud that face the game be darker so the player won't accidentally wander into them. The bosses and enemies also need more sounds for attacks distinct enough that players can get an idea of what's happening without focusing on them.

Great to see this coming along.I hope the last character ends up playing like Youmu's IN shot type

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